Bangalore Protest Against State Terror on Students of Jadavpur University

Jadavpur Solidarity Protest

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The Bengali community (especially students and young people) in Bangalore rose up in solidarity against the recent state violence on students of Jadavpur University. On the 17th of this month, male students were beaten up and girls students molested in a barbaric dead-of-the-night police assault on the students carrying out a peaceful sit-in demonstration. The students were particpating in a non-violent protest demanding an impartial probe into an incident of sexual harrassment of a student at the University earlier last month. An eye-witness account of what happened in Kolkata including the role of goons from Trinamool Congress (TMC) can be found on our website here 

The protest was organized by a group of Bengali students, including ex-Jadavpur university students working in the city. The protest drew a good response from the Bengali community, students and young working professionals in the city participating in the protest. Ho Ho Hokolorobo was the mostly widely heard slogan as the 400-strong crowd raised slogans in both Bengali and Kannada denouncing the brutal police apparatus, the equally and completely complicit state government as well as both the major political parties in West Bengal – CPI(M) and TMC. The protesters demanded the resignation of the VC of Jadavpur University as well as impartial probes into the sexual harrassment incident and the police brutality on 17th of September. The young crowd raised powerful slogans and sang songs of solidarity and protest. Few of the ex-students from Jadhavpur university delivered speeches and gave detailed updates on the events happening in Kolkata. The protest lasted for over three hours with the same infectious enthusiasm and energy.

Members of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) actively participated in the protest and helped the organisers of the event. We also sold over 50 copies of the New Socialist Alternative’s newspaper with a large number of people in the crowd purchasing the newspapers at the solidarity price. New Socialist Alternative stands in solidarity with the students of Jadavpur University and totally condemns the actions of the state police and the goons of Trinamool Congress.

Vinay Chandra



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