Anti-Nuclear Struggles

India’s Nuclear Submission

The ghastly grin on the Russian President’s face and the subsequent acquiescent mood of the Indian Prime Minister clearly echoes how we have been pledged to the vicious interests of their capitalist gains. The inauguration of 3rd and 4th nuclear reactor units and MOU’s for 5th and 6th units in Kudankulam (in October) shows how the genuine interests of the working people has been quashed mercilessly and the political interests of these state leaders were upheld. read more

India US Civil Nuclear Deal
Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Nuclear! Stay Clear!

There is one definite outcome when head of states of two capitalist nations meet. It’s going to be disastrous for the working class! Obama’s visit to India on the eve of republic day of India has to come to mean the same. For all the talks about “Swacch Bharat” and the need for renewable energy by all the parties be it regional and national, when it comes to nuclear power there is an unanimous support from all sides.

The Indian Civil Liability Nuclear Damage Act 2010 (CLND) has been a thorn in the flesh for the nuclear equipment suppliers. Though the CLND states that the operator will have to bear the liability in case of an accident, the “right to recourse” clause which comes under section 17 of the same act permits the liability to be imposed upon the supplier in case the accident happens because of faulty equipment. read more

Protest against India – Australia Uranium Deal.
Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Protest against India-Australia Uranium Deal

A Protest was held on 4th September, 2014 at St. Aloysius College, Bangalore against the India – Australia Uranium Deal. More than 100 students participated in this protest as part of a nationwide call for protests against this deal. The students and other participants at the protest were unequivocal against the deal and dangers that Nuclear Option poses to the humanity at large. read more

Anti-Nuclear Protest
Anti-Nuclear Struggles


The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott would be visiting Delhi this week to clinch the uranium supply agreement with India.

This deal is utterly unacceptable as it would fuel an anachronistic, anti-people and unsafe nuclear expansion in India. besides, the deal would unleash misery on the most vulnerable people on both the sides. The uranium mining in Australia is known to be racist, leaving the aboriginal communities helpless and victimised. After reaching the Indian shores, the uranium will cause contamination to the poor Indian people from the transport routes to the reactor sites. India has an extremely poor record of safety and its own mines and power plants have been causing irreversible damage to health and the surrounding environment. read more