‘Do or Die’ battle of peasants on 27th September gets impressive response all over the country

On September 27, 2021, protests and rallies were held across the country in response to a call to observe ‘Bharath Bandh’ by the United Kisan Morcha(United Peasant Front). The Bandh unequivocally condemned the recent draconian laws on agriculture brought in by the BJP/Modi-led government. There was widespread support for the bandh all across India. In some cities, roadblocks, rail blockades, and in some states, markets, shops and offices were closed. read more

Rampal Power Project

Bangladesh: Stop the Rampal power project

The world’s largest mangrove forest lies on the deltas of three rivers: the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is here, in an area of outstanding natural beauty called the Sundarbans, that the Bangladeshi government plans to site a coal-fired power plant.

The Rampal power project must be stopped. That’s the demand of the Committee to Protect Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources in Bangladesh, which organised a 400km “Long March” from the capital, Dhaka, to the Sundarbans in the district of Bagherhat. read more

India US Civil Nuclear Deal
Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Nuclear! Stay Clear!

There is one definite outcome when head of states of two capitalist nations meet. It’s going to be disastrous for the working class! Obama’s visit to India on the eve of republic day of India has to come to mean the same. For all the talks about “Swacch Bharat” and the need for renewable energy by all the parties be it regional and national, when it comes to nuclear power there is an unanimous support from all sides.

The Indian Civil Liability Nuclear Damage Act 2010 (CLND) has been a thorn in the flesh for the nuclear equipment suppliers. Though the CLND states that the operator will have to bear the liability in case of an accident, the “right to recourse” clause which comes under section 17 of the same act permits the liability to be imposed upon the supplier in case the accident happens because of faulty equipment. read more

Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

“The acche din you were promised is nowhere near reachable! Please try again later” would be a perfect soulless voice to describe the post 2014 election climate in India. Modi posted his pics and updates in facebook. He tweeted to reach out the youth. He travelled as Holograms where he wasn’t able to campaign. He traveled as short films in OB vans to interior villages. This was during the elections of 2014. Now that he has won the elections, with nothing different from the congress to offer on the economic front, he has opted to do the same! read more

People's Climate March


People's Climate MarchUpwards of 400,000 people participated in the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday. Billed as the largest climate change march in U.S. history, it far surpassed organizers’ original estimate of a 100,000 person turnout. The march was not only massive in size but also had a huge number of youth participants. It was a key moment in the radicalization of a generation. Huge numbers of students – one contingent alone had over 50,000 people in it — were also present, they had been bussed in from all over the country. While many of them held signs that vaguely said, “Youth Choose Climate Justice,” there were also many who held bolder signs that read, “Youth Choose System Change.” read more