JNU Kanhaiya Kumar Arrest protest

International Women’s Day

Working women’s fight for a world without oppression

Every year on March 8th we celebrate world-wide the contribution made by working women and famous female pioneers to the struggle for a new society. The date was established at an international meeting of socialists nearly a hundred years ago. On this day in Russia in 1917 (February 25th according to the old calendar) women workers in Petrograd sparked the first revolution of that momentous year which overthrew the autocratic regime of the Tsar. read more

India's Daughter

Struggle Against Patriarchy & the Delhi Gang Rape Case

The following article is an edited version and the original article can be read from Tamil Solidarity website.


On 8th of March, as the world observed International Women’s Day celebrating women’s achievement in many spheres, it brings the spotlight on the struggle of women in general. Today women across the globe are being overworked more than ever before from cooking, rearing children, doing household chores as well as working paid jobs. There are more women in the labour force than ever before in the US, out-pacing men. But it says very little about equality and is not indicative of the rearrangement of power. In the recession of 2009, there was a disproportionate loss of jobs amongst women compared to their male counterparts, in particular affecting female headed households. read more


Time to Rage Against Sexual Violence, Inequality & Patriarchal Mindset

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2015, New Socialist Alternative in Bangalore participated in protest rally organized by several women’s group in Bangalore in which over 2000 people participated. We also distributed over 1000 leaflets in the rally.

In Pune, our comrades had organized a small meeting on the occasion. We had Prof. Swati Rajan as the main speaker. About 30 people attended the meeting. read more

Kiss of Love

Kiss Me With More Love

I still remember my friend telling me during the recent parliament elections that he strongly doesn’t want a fundamentalist type of government coming to power. The reason he told me was “I don’t want any Sanghi creating a scene while I’m walking around with my girlfriend.” He may not have been very far off the mark. read more

Abortion Rights

International Day of Action for the Right to Safe & Free Abortion

Yesterday Evening on the Steps of Town Hall, Bangalore we had a very spirited protest event which part of the International Day of Action for the Right to Safe & Free Abortion.

Around 20 people attended the event which culminated in a Candle light Homage to those uncounted women victims and their families around the world, because of antiquated, fundamentalist and medieval laws that oppress women. read more