Protest Against Murder of Tamils & Muslims in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

AP Encounter Deaths

Condemn State Terror

Over 50 people in Bangalore attended the protest on 12th April against the recent encounter killing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) also participated in the protest.

The twin encounter killings that has claimed the lives of 25 last week has brought to light once again the gory face of the Indian state.

Neatly arranged bodies next to already cut old wooden logs, most of them shot in their head or chest, some with burn marks in the middle of a less dense forest area, this is the scene of crime where the men who were killed attacked the police armed with guns with deadly stones which forced the police to resort to shooting. This we are asked to believe. The state is keen to brand these 20 Killed smugglers.

The real smugglers are out there in the power corridors of the state making money safely. These are workers who are forced by their socio-economic conditions to work in harsh conditions to make their daily bread. Its 7 years jail for a 7000 Crore scam and death for being poor workers. This is the neo-liberal dharma of Indian state.

The other encounters which has happened in Hyderabad where 5 convicts were killed in transit. The police claims that one of them tried to snatch the weaponry and the 17 police personnel who were escorting them fired at them as a last resort. Innocent Muslim youth throughout India have been victims of such false encounters to create a false specter of terrorism. Irrespective of who rules, the Indian state has always resorted to scare mongering, victimizing the Muslim community in India.

From 2009 – 2013 alone 555 cases of fake encounter killing has been registered in India. The top ten states among them are from the tribal belt which is termed as Naxal-hit, the biggest internal security threat to the sovereignty of India. We condemn the false propaganda and encounter killings by the Indian state.

  • To put an end to the encounter killings and a more transparent and democratic police machinery.
  • Immediate suspension of the officers involved in the encounter killings
  • An independent judiciary commission to probe the killing and punish those responsible.
  • A suitable monetary compensation and making way for a sustainable livelihood for the families that has lost their sole bread winners

Jagadish G Chandra

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)