India Gangrened!

India's capitalist democracy has surely turned a page in the 21st century. A thousand headed Cobra has come-off its age and has started vexing its fangs, spewing out the deadly venom of communalism in all directions. The victory of Modi in May 2014 can in no way be termed as yet another political accident of parliamentary democracy. As reiterated in the previous issues of 'Dudiyora Horaata /', right from its inception in 1980 to this day the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and its mentor ...Read More

Singapore: Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew dies

Apologist for neo-liberalism and autocracy Lee Kuan Yew died at the age of 91 on 23 March. World leaders from Obama in the US to Najib in Malaysia and most of the pro-market media applaud him as a ‘great leader’ who has elevated Singapore to a modern state on a par with the most developed countries. They admire him basically for his three decades (1959-1990) of having absolute power that he used to assist local and international capitalists to reap economic profits. But this was achieved by ...Read More

Are Humans Selfish by Nature?

Today, we often hear that humans have become selfish and it is painted as if this is an intrinsic value. Those who propagate such a view do not hesitate to summon even Darwin to their service quoting his “Survival of the fittest” in the context of the theory of evolution. Is this all really true? Every species on earth has developed its unique way of sustenance based on a set of unique physical characteristics. For humans it was an erect spine, thumb, developed brain. Despite this, it was ...Read More

Assassination of Govind Pansare

On 16th February 2015, around 9:30 am in the morning, he was taking his morning walk with his wife. Two men came out of nowhere and shot the two. They were moved to the hospital. He seemed to be recovering and was moved to Mumbai for treatment from Kolhapur, his native place. But, it was all in vain and he took his last breath on 20th of February leaving behind a legacy of political activism and and many questions regarding the motive behind his assassination. From Goa independence movement of ...Read More

Struggle Against Patriarchy & the Delhi Gang Rape Case

The following article is an edited version and the original article can be read from Tamil Solidarity website. Editors On 8th of March, as the world observed International Women’s Day celebrating women's achievement in many spheres, it brings the spotlight on the struggle of women in general. Today women across the globe are being overworked more than ever before from cooking, rearing children, doing household chores as well as working paid jobs. There are more women in the ...Read More