Kiss of Love

Kiss Me With More Love

I still remember my friend telling me during the recent parliament elections that he strongly doesn't want a fundamentalist type of government coming to power. The reason he told me was “I don’t want any Sanghi creating a scene while I’m walking around with my girlfriend.” He may not have been very far off the mark. Hindutva is very often misinterpreted as Hinduism. This far right wing construct - Hindutva has only been in existence for just over a century and though claims itself to ...Read More
Gujarat Model

Gujarat Model: A case of De-development

One of the crucial factors which has led to BJP getting an absolute majority in this election has been the constant propaganda related to good governance of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. It has often been stated that under Modi’s governance, Gujarat has seen a remarkable infrastructure development, boost in the agricultural sector and boost in the manufacturing sector. What is so dangerous about this propaganda is that it is extremely deceptive. By hiding crucial aspects of this growth and more ...Read More
Contract Workers JNU

Neo-liberal Reforms and the Indian Academia

The Advent of Neo-liberal reforms has brought with it many challenges for the working class of India. One of the most prominent changes among them is the rise in the number of contract/causal workers which have been employed in the industrial sector as well as in the various strata of society. The fact that industrial sector finds the idea of replacing permanent workers with contract workers has a rather obvious explanation. Paying less wages, flexibility in laying off the workers implies increase ...Read More
Narendra Modi Victory 2014

Perspectives: Post General Elections-2014
(Document for discussion)

The following write-up is a introductory contribution by B. Youvraj of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) - Pune, post general elections 2014. We welcome comments and observations to the document which is under discussion. Editors Sweeping victory of Narendra Modi has deeply concerned Left and progressive forces. Thumping victory of a force that is not just capitalist but also communal presents unique dangers and we must ponder over how do we deal with this and chart out ...Read More

Telangana: the history, the course and the implications

Ironically, the issue of separate Telangana can be traced back to the time when the people of Andhra, part of the erstwhile Madras state were themselves agitating for the formation of a separate Andhra state, the movement reaching a peak with the death of the revolutionary Potti Sreeramulu after a 52 day fast in 1952. The First States reorganization committee that was subsequently formed in 1956 decided to redraw states on the basis of linguistic identities and formed the state of Andhra Pradesh ...Read More