China: State repression and the prospects for workers’ struggle

The following article is an analysis of the latest situation in China, put out by the co-thinkers of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India).  Many leftists belonging to various Communist parties in this country (India) still believe and argue that China despite its blatant Capitalism and unspeakable brutal exploitation of workers and national minorities continues to be SOCIALIST & COMMUNIST just because the regime is headed by the CCP with the Communist imagery of Hammer and Sickle.

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Tax the Billionaires, not the Billions

The following leaflet is an English translation of the Marathi leaflet on the recent adoption of GST in India 

Who pays GST?

GST is Goods and Service Tax. Who in reality pays this tax? Industrialist, Traders or we, the working class? GST is an
Indirect tax which is paid by us all. We pay indirect taxes on each and every Goods and services; not just once but daily, every time we purchase something. Right from toothpaste, toothbrush, matchbox, school bags, to mobile bills. We pay a whooping amount of 8.5 lacs crore each year by means of such indirect tax.

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Book Review: Bearing Witness – Sexual Violence in South Chattisgarh

In the 2016-17 Budget, 77,000 crore Rupees were allocated to the Home ministry. It was 24.56% higher than the previous year budget allocation. Out of the 77,000 crores, 50,176 crore rupees were to be spent on the 7 armed divisions of the Indian state. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) which is responsible for maintaining internal security was alone allocated 16,228 crore rupees. Next to that Border Security Forces were allocated 14,562 Crore rupees. The Home ministry’s staff strength, including the number of armed personnel which was 7.44 Lakh in 2006 increased 32% by 2014. On one hand there is oppression on the lines of nationality question and on other hand there is a huge war waged on those who protect their lands against the corporates who are at their door steps to loot the natural resources.

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India Under Modi – Dismantling democracy one brick at a time

One flag, One leader and One ideology” was the slogan of RSS leader Golwakar. Inspired from the Nazi and Fascist parties of Italy and Germany, and the ethnic cleansing of Jews the RSS was formed with the sole aim of creating a Hindu nation. After coming to power in 2014, BJP government has launched an assault on the federal democratic structure of India. While policies like GST, NEET, NEP, Beef ban, Niti ayog have all intruded into the rights of the states guaranteed by the constitution, BJP is silently dismantling the democratic framework one brick at a time.

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Whose cow is it anyway? That of Brahmin-Baniya or farmer’s?

In last two years, cow politics has been turned into a burning issue by the ruling BJP. Recent ban by central government on sale of cattle in animal markets for slaughter has further polarised the issue. While farming community in the country is in acute crisis as reflected by recent agitations across multiple states, hindutva forces are turning more violent in the name of protecting ‘the holy cow’.

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