Saffronisation : Imposition of Hindi and Beyond!

“Unity in diversity” is one phrase which can be found in every book on Indian history. But if one tries to see if the spirit of such a phrase being followed in reality there would be only disappointment. Time and again there have been attempts to create uniformity and any talk of diverse cultures and devolution of power to the states is perceived as the threat to the unity of the nation by the upper caste ruling class of the nation. Since 1967 when the Anti-Hindi riots shook the southern part ...Read More
Siritunga Jayasurya

Sri Lanka: Presidential Election January 8, 2015

Socialist candidate challenges all other forces Interview with Siritunga Jayasuriya, USP (CWI Sri Lanka) Among those who oppose the government there is an overwhelming feeling that the opposition should stand together somehow to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa. You also oppose the Rajapaksa regime. How come you are standing independently? The United Socialist Party continues to participate in protests and all sorts of action against the undemocratic and brutal regime in power. We were prepared ...Read More
Labour Reform

Labour Reforms: An Attack On Our Class
Robust Revolt Needed

Labour reform agenda has been one of the key demands of corporate sector ever since Narendra Modi came to power. So it is not surprising to hear both the PM and his finance minister speak of it very often. Not wanting to keep his corporate backers disappointed for too long, the PM unveiled a slew of reforms last October which could mark the beginning of an all round attack on the hard won rights of the working people in India. The latest set of reforms include: self certification by industries ...Read More
Make in India

Make in India

It is ironic that India after 66 years of Independence is saddled with a villainous regime with exactly the same number of ministers and the Prime Monster(PM) heading it, is none other than a person who successfully engineered and abated a series of blood letting communal pogroms, and yet whitewashed himself and his party with democratic pretensions of wining a majority. The political situation in India today is one of increasing communal polarisation with the assertion of right-wing, Hindu fundamentalist ...Read More
Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

“The acche din you were promised is nowhere near reachable! Please try again later” would be a perfect soulless voice to describe the post 2014 election climate in India. Modi posted his pics and updates in facebook. He tweeted to reach out the youth. He travelled as Holograms where he wasn’t able to campaign. He traveled as short films in OB vans to interior villages. This was during the elections of 2014. Now that he has won the elections, with nothing different from the congress to offer ...Read More