Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 – Real Issues Don’t Matter!

In Maharashtra, election campaigns have risen to a fever pitch. Voting took place on 15th October with about 64% voter turnout and the results will be declared on the 19th itself. This elections is different from the past because both the major alliances, Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Shiv Sena-BJP have ended and all of them have decided to contest independently. With the decimation of Congress in the general elections, it would not really be a surprise to see both the Congress ...Read More
Shahid Bhagat Singh

Commemorating Bhagat Singh’s Birth Anniversary

On 28th September, the New Socialist Alternative, Pune Branch organised a program on the birth anniversary of the well known socialist freedom fighter - Shahid Bhagat Singh (1907-1931). About 60 people attended the event. Leading to the event, our members had distributed pamphlets and stuck posters in many colleges in Pune. The program was held at Samaj Vidnyan Academy, Pune. The program started with revolutionary songs that were sung by our members Rushikesh, Dhanashree, Sagar, Anita and ...Read More

Hong Kong: Massive anti-government protests after attempted police crackdown

Anger over police violence fuels spontaneous “umbrella revolution” and growing strike movement This was the weekend that changed everything in Hong Kong. Mass popular resistance on the streets, by night and day, with mass gatherings of 100,000 and up to 180,000, spearheaded by the youth and a weeklong student strike, has forced the unelected Hong Kong government and thousands of heavily armed riot police to beat a retreat. Global media, grasping the unprecedented nature of these events, ...Read More
People's Climate March


Upwards of 400,000 people participated in the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday. Billed as the largest climate change march in U.S. history, it far surpassed organizers’ original estimate of a 100,000 person turnout. The march was not only massive in size but also had a huge number of youth participants. It was a key moment in the radicalization of a generation. Huge numbers of students – one contingent alone had over 50,000 people in it — were also present, they had been ...Read More
Scotland Referendum

Scotland’s referendum: A working-class revolt

The referendum has turned British politics upside down – even though the No vote won. The Yes campaign became a mass mobilisation of working-class communities: against austerity and rotten establishment politics, and for a positive future. This turning point raises key issues for socialists, writes PETER TAAFFE. The independence referendum in Scotland was remarkable for many things: the huge politicisation and class polarisation, combined with the beginning of mass intervention in politics, ...Read More