Is the Conspiracy Complete?

Abrogating the concept of Planning is a disaster that is coming to hit the poor very hard. Yes, the word Planning in the Indian economy stood on its head and did everything opposite what it was supposed to do. Mind you, the earlier Indian policy makers, greatly influenced by the spectacular economic strides that were being made by the former Soviet Union through Soviet Five Year Plans (however bureaucratically mismanaged) in tackling poverty, famine and the after effects of war with the 21 armies ...Read More
Israel State Terror

Israel/Palestine: After weeks of mass slaughter in Gaza, IDF forces ‘withdraw’

What is the role of imperialism in the conflict? A hail of death has roared down on Gaza for weeks. Working class people in Britain and worldwide are shocked and angered at images of a Palestinian father carrying his dead children’s body parts in a plastic bag, and other daily horrors from the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian death toll is fast heading towards 2,000, over 80% of them civilians and many of them children, according to the UN. Over 9,000 have been injured. In this one-sided war, ...Read More
Israel State Terror

Gaza in crisis

Mass action needed to stop bloodshed Whole families burnt alive. Parents with children. Shajaiya neighbourhood in Gaza is complete rubble. Over 1,100 Palestinians’ lives have ended since 8 July, as ruthless inferno has rained down on this besieged, impoverished, and highly populated strip of land during the Muslim Ramadan. Eid Al-Fitr, a usually festive holiday at the end of Ramadan, on 28–29 July, saw one of the most deadly air offensives on the Gaza Strip in this war, killing over a hundred ...Read More
Israel Boycott

Boycotting Israel: The socialist view

‘Boycott, divestment and sanctions’- questions and answers about the BDS campaign Following an appeal from advocates of an academic boycott on Israel, physicist Stephen Hawking recently turned down an invitation to speak at a conference in Jerusalem. He joins others who have boycotted Israel in one form or another, particularly in reaction to the horror of the 2008/09 Gaza war, the killings of Turkish aid activists on the May 2010 aid flotilla, and the week of attacks on Gaza last November. ...Read More
Israeli State Terror

Israel/Palestine: The Palestinians’ struggle

How can a state be realised? The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, recently discussed with Arab League officials on how they can revive the Israel-Palestine peace process. However, as Israeli governments have progressively increased the number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, eating into the Palestinian territories, more and more people are questioning whether a viable Palestinian state next to Israel is now possible. Some have shifted from the idea of a ’two states’ ...Read More