Lawyers Fight For Justice!

Revoke the Draconian rules and protect the freedom of advocates to practice without fear Lawyers in Tamil Nadu have been on protest against newly amended rules under the Advocates Act, 1961. The Madras high Court in Chennai through an order dated 25.05.2016 amended the advocates act to regulate the conduct of lawyers. The misconducts enumerated in the rules are (i) An advocate who is found to have accepted money in the name of a judge or on the pretext of influencing him; (ii) an advocate who ...Read More

Socialist Speak On Kashmir

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) the Indian section of the Committee for a Workers' International, has always had a socialist stand point on the Nationality Question in the valley of Kashmir, we unequivocally stand for the democratic Right of Self Determination of the Kashmiri People to decide upon the future of their Nation, with guaranteed autonomy and fullest rights to all the minorities. We stand for the Socialist Confederation of the entire sub-continent. Listen to Jagadish G Chandra ...Read More

Kerala Elections Aftermath – Reign of Pinarayi Vijayan?

Never before in Kerala, a Communist party leader or chief minister wielded such undisputed power and control over the party. So is it just the man himself as the media likes to portray about this new political development after the latest assembly elections in Kerala? CPI(M)'s popular leader E.M.S. once pointed out that the public will rally their support to those who are committed to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the people. But here comes Pinarayi Vijayan and the old ways of things have ...Read More

Amma’s Victory, the Politics of Freebies and the Looming Turmoil!

Just a few weeks back, the heated run up to the Tamil Nadu legislative elections had sidelined even the scorching summer and the election results announced ‘Amma’ Jayalalithaa as the winner. While this bucked the trend of anti-incumbency and returned Jayalalithaa to power for a second consecutive time, it nevertheless laid down bare the contradictions in Tamil Nadu politics. Though it's not the talk of the town, but certainly amongst some sections of people there are expectations from Amma's ...Read More

Land Question and the Socio-Economic Crisis in India!

As the outcome of the state assembly elections are discussed extensively, it is important to relook at the causes for the persisting social crisis and the indifference of the political parties over it, particularly the ‘so called left’ in allying itself actively once again in political opportunism! In just two years of the Modi led BJP’s regime the political turmoil in India is significant! Particularly this government which on one hand, ruthlessly pursuing the neo-liberal agenda of the Indian ...Read More