Hindutva Attack on Science

Indian Science Congress Association was formed in 1914, and holds it’s meet in the first week of January every year. However this year for the first time in its history it held a session on Scientific practices in ancient India, which roughly covers the period from 2000BC to 500AD. The session had talks on Engineering applications of ancient Indian Botany that rather remarkably started with an attack on contemporary medical research by claiming how ancient Indian doctors claimed cancer cells were ...Read More
Rajapaksa Sirisena

Devil is Replaced with Another

Tamils in Sri Lanka had turned up in thousands to cast their votes against Mahinda Rajapaksa. After a decade of repression the sudden relief of getting rid of this war monger become an immediate feeling of the majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka and in the Diaspora. Having voted to get rid of monstrous Mahinda most will agree that the result makes no major change to their aspirations – one devil is replaced with another.Thousands followed the most anticipated election closely, various likely scenarios ...Read More
Worker Dragged by Company Official

Capitalists However Modern, their Ways of Exploitation are Medieval

The following video, that has now gone viral on social media, is a protest by workers against ill treatment by the management of NVH India Auto Parts Private Limited (a Korean company) at Irungattukottai (near Chennai). The video showing a Korean company official dragging a worker on protest says it all. The New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) stands in solidarity with all the demands of the workers at NVH India Auto Parts, which is very much legal under labour laws and appropriate action must ...Read More
Caste Discrimination Britain

Caste-based Oppression and the Class Struggle

In 2013, the British government agreed to include caste-based discrimination as an amendment to the Equality Act (2010). An alliance of Tory MPs and caste-based ‘community leaders’, however, successfully stalled its implementation to after the general election. What is behind this opposition? What role does caste play, both in South Asia and Britain? Why is it an important issue for socialists today?  The caste system in South Asia is one of the cruellest forms of oppression that exists today. ...Read More
Patent Laws Kills Patients

Right to Life & Big Pharma!

The U.S. visit of Narendra Modi and his high profile meet up with some of the most vicious corporates and their influential lobbies brought up the issues of patents and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into the media glimpse. Even the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently at a rally in Haryana, said that cancer medicines have got costlier after Prime Minister Modi met with big pharma officials during his visit to the United States; although this was vehemently denied by the ruling BJP. The ...Read More