Trump Protest

We were part of the History in the Making!

Thank you comrades & friends, #ResistTrump event in Bangalore was a phenomenal success. We would specially thank the following who made this #ResistTrump special & unique by sending voice & mail messages to be played and read out at the protest venue in Bangalore. Binu Mathew (Editor Counter Currents, Kerala), B.Buresha (Cine Director and Theatre Dreamer from Bangalore Karnataka, Who organises Workers in Entertainment Industry of Karnataka, Supporter and Sponsor of Rs.100/- an hour Minimum Wage Campaign)

Fiona O’Loughlin read more

Pune University Security Gaurds Strike

Security of security guards at stake at S.P. Pune University!

Pune University is one of the most prestigious universities in India. Around a year ago, it was renamed. The name of the legendary social reformer, Savitribai Phule, was added. Savitribai Phule, who sacrificed her whole life for uplifting of women, underprivileged and oppressed castes through education and radical social empowerment activities, but does the university administration really follow the path of Savirtibai Phule? read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

#OccupyRBI Protests

The following is a facebook post by Jagadish G Chandra from the New Socialist Alternative on the #OccupyRBI protest that was organized in Bangalore yesterday. It also features short videos with activists speaking about how the demonetization by the Modi govt has ended up hurting the working people. Jagadish & others activists were detained and later released by the police. read more

Solidarity Protest

Pune: Solidarity Protest Supporting Spanish Student’s Strike

A solidarity protest organized by New Socialist Alternative (Indian Section of Committee for a Workers’ International) at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), Pune on 25th October in support of the Spanish Student’s Strike. 

A protest rally was organized at SPPU in solidarity with Spanish Students’ Strike. First we distributed leaflets and appealed students to join the protest. In response around 50 students gathered. We began the rally by first singing the song “Shikshanachi zaliya daina, itha sarakari shala disana” (Education system is in shambles and now public schools are no more seen, being replaced by private ones). read more

Una Dalit Protests

Enough is Enough

The following protest in Bangalore, organized on 22nd July, to condemn the recent murderous attacks on Dalits in Una of Gujarat and Koppa in Karnataka, two more added to the long list of oppression that the Dalits suffering in this country. The present regime at the centre led by Modi/BJP has undoubtedly taken a shameful supportive stand to these attacks, and many times directly instigates by issuing demeaning statements on Dalith community and its popular leaders. read more