Garment Workers Strike

Modi Proposals,
We Workers’ Oppose!

The following is an eye witness account by a garment worker on the first massive strike by garment workers in Bangalore. Tens of thousands of workers (majority women) came out on the streets against the proposed restrictions on the withdrawal of amount in the provident fund (PF) scheme. Fearing a spread of working class protests across the country, the Union govt. has decided to roll back the PF restrictions for now. read more

Garment Workers Minimum Wages
Special Exploitation Zones

India needs a Raise!
We demand a Decent Living Minimum Wage!!

Indeed the Working Class/People of Karnataka and India in general need a RAISE and get a decent Living Minimum Wage, which has to take into account the stark realities of the day and the super profits that the bosses make. This case is more so in the case of Garment and Textile working people predominantly women in the country. read more

TCS Layoff

TCS Layoffs & Uncertainty in the Indian IT sector

“IT stands for India tomorrow & BT stands for Bharat Tomorrow” was proclaimed by Atal B Vajpayee, former BJP Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India rephrased the above sentences in 2013 in London and said “IT is India today. BT is not biotechnology, it is Bharat Today. IT and IT equals IT. That means information technology and Indian talent is India tomorrow.”

These rhetoric quotes helped him get applause from the audience; however, today, workers in Information Technology industry are experiencing uncertainty because of a layoff program initiated by the top management in the industry. The following article is regarding the layoff issue in IT Industry, especially in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and written by Raj (name changed), an IT industry employee. read more

Labour Reform
Special Exploitation Zones

Labour Reforms: An Attack On Our Class
Robust Revolt Needed

Labour reform agenda has been one of the key demands of corporate sector ever since Narendra Modi came to power. So it is not surprising to hear both the PM and his finance minister speak of it very often. Not wanting to keep his corporate backers disappointed for too long, the PM unveiled a slew of reforms last October which could mark the beginning of an all round attack on the hard won rights of the working people in India. read more