The New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) is a Socialist Political organisation striving to build an alternative mass political platform for the youth and the working people of India to end the present rotten Capitalist-Landlord system. As Internationalists our activity or outlook is not confined to artificial national boundaries created by the present ruling classes, but rests upon challenging capitalism globally and replacing it with a system based on democratic Socialism in the real sense of the term, where the organisation of production and running of the society is firmly in the hands of the working masses.

By no means are we are stuck to a rigid political ideology. Rather than a top-down approach, our ideas and methods are guided by discussions that are conducted in a thoroughly democratic framework and actions that are based on utmost consensus with active members of the organisation in particular and taking into account the wealth of experiences from the various working class struggles that are being waged around the country and globally.

We are against all forms of violence, whether terrorism of the fundamentalist variety or the guerilla tactics of ‘Maoist’ variety. At the same time, we are not pacifists. We believe any change in the existing order can only be brought about by the mass action of the working people and the other downtrodden and the oppressed sections of the society.

New Socialist Alternative has other sister organisations, located in over 45 countries and in all continents, that form the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), which share the same principles and are solidly grounded on the experiences of the day to day struggle of the youth and the working people in the respective countries.

What we Stand and Fight For?

For a Living Wage!

#Living minimum wage, a shorter working week without loss of pay and living wage pension.
# Equal pay for equal work. No to the bosses’ flexibility and exit policy
# Guaranteed Work for All! Which must ensure a decent LIFE.
# We presently are engaged in a grassroots campaign to Fight for ₹100/- an Hr. Living Minimum Wage and a monthly minimum wage of ₹25,000 for all working people.

Tax the Wealthy Not the Poor!”
# Progressive tax system, based on direct taxes, increased corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy and the rich
# Ceiling on the salaries of CEO’s and board members of Corporate companies. Open the books of the Profiteers!
# Confiscate the assets of companies which blackmail workers and jeopardise the future of the community, or which have a record of causing environmental pollution.

Money For Jobs & Quality Public Services!”
# No more cuts in public services, public sector jobs and subsidies for the poor
# Massive public spending increase on health, education, child care and housing. Slash military spending!
# Free high-quality education from pre-school to college and free quality health care service. End the monopoly of private health care and insurance
# Stop privatisation. Re-nationalise the public utilities and industries that have been privatised

No to SEZs! Yes to Radical Land Reforms & Re-distribution!
# Break the grip of landlordism, radical and democratic land reforms, distribution of confiscated land from the rich landlords to the poor peasants
# No to the displacement of people from land and livelihoods in the name of ‘development’. No to SEZs – Special Exploitation Zones!

Equal Rights for All!
# No discrimination on the grounds of  Caste, Gender, Race, Sexuality, Religion, and Language. Zero tolerance towards all discrimination.
# Armed defence committees formed by Trade Unions, workers & people from all communities to protect minorities & vulnerable sections of the society!

Environmental Sustainability!
# Fight global warming – Massive public investment in renewable energy and efficiency technologies to rapidly replace fossil fuels
# Invest in a cheap, accessible, integrated and environmentally friendly and publicly owned transport system

End Capitalist Exploitation!
# Public ownership of the commanding heights of the economy under the democratic control and management of the working people
# For a voluntary union of all nationalities under a Socialist confederation of the subcontinent of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives 

Who Funds us?
There are no rich backers or “invisible” funders to our struggle, we solely depend for all our activities from donations and financial contributions primarily from our members, supporters and sympathisers. We welcome every RUPEE that comes from our class of the ordinary struggling masses.

Join Us!
And above all, for a successful struggle against capitalism, requires ideas, a political programme and an organisation that is able to unite the youth, workers and oppressed people across India. The New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) aims to facilitate and build such a Mass Political Alternative of the working people and youth. This task needs people like you to join us in this struggle for Democratic Socialism.

Contact Us
For more information on our current campaigns and our stance on a variety of issues, please visit our website: Contact Us page or follow us on Facebook: New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India). For information on the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) and our analysis on international issues, please visit Write to us at


  1. An excellent site, keep up the excellent work comrades, solidarity from a comrade in England.
    Tony S.

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