Enough is Enough

Una Dalit Protests

The following protest in Bangalore, organized on 22nd July, to condemn the recent murderous attacks on Dalits in Una of Gujarat and Koppa in Karnataka, two more added to the long list of oppression that the Dalits suffering in this country. The present regime at the centre led by Modi/BJP has undoubtedly taken a shameful supportive stand to these attacks, and many times directly instigates by issuing demeaning statements on Dalith community and its popular leaders.

The destruction Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan in Bombay by the casteist administration is another indication of the increase of wanton disrespect and derogation shown to the to the entire community of the oppressed who see Dr. Babasaheb as their natural leader.
These attacks need to be robustly condemned and a resistance is built against the communal and casteist forces.

Kill People & Care for Cattle

Listen to Jagadish G Chandra from the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) on the Dalit protests in Gujarat sparked by the Una flogging incident.