Defend Teesta

Remember Godhra – Defend Teesta – Reclaim Democracy

Public Event – 28th Feb, 2002. Town Hall, Bangalore

The following protest is being organized by Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore, which includes the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India). For more information, visit event page on facebook.

Remember Godhra: It is fifteen years since the horrible events that engulphed not just Gujarat, but the entire country and communities, particularly the Muslims of this country. The society was torn apart, when lawlessness and the trampling of democracy was blatant and the blaze of communalism was parching all human feelings in every nook and corner of this country. read more

Una Dalit Protests

Enough is Enough

The following protest in Bangalore, organized on 22nd July, to condemn the recent murderous attacks on Dalits in Una of Gujarat and Koppa in Karnataka, two more added to the long list of oppression that the Dalits suffering in this country. The present regime at the centre led by Modi/BJP has undoubtedly taken a shameful supportive stand to these attacks, and many times directly instigates by issuing demeaning statements on Dalith community and its popular leaders. read more

Gujarat Model

Gujarat Model: A case of De-development

One of the crucial factors which has led to BJP getting an absolute majority in this election has been the constant propaganda related to good governance of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. It has often been stated that under Modi’s governance, Gujarat has seen a remarkable infrastructure development, boost in the agricultural sector and boost in the manufacturing sector. What is so dangerous about this propaganda is that it is extremely deceptive. read more


Teesta Setalvad on Modi’s credentials to be next PM

The Indian political scenario is at precarious cross roads. On the one hand the abysmal failure of the Congress led UPA government in all fronts is so glaring. On the other the BJP, the fox that came in to the ruling arena in the late 1980’s precisely feeding on the discontent of the dispossessed and the disarray of the left, has used the undeserving credibility that it gained in the coalition experiment of the so called National Front led by ex-Congress-man V P Singh. read more