Modi's Hindutva

A Marxist view of Modi’s Hindutva

Peter Taaffe speaks to Jagadish Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India)

The present day regime of the Modi-led BJP in India is getting more and more authoritarian. The patrons of the BJP, the apparatchiks of the RSS who undoubtedly draw their inspiration and motivation from the 20th Century extreme right wing ideologies of Fascism and Nazism, imagine they can establish an all-out Hindu Rashtra or Hindu Nation by artificially imposing a majoritarian and supremacist demagogy of Hindutva “philosophy”. read more

Garment Workers Minimum Wages
Special Exploitation Zones

India needs a Raise!
We demand a Decent Living Minimum Wage!!

Indeed the Working Class/People of Karnataka and India in general need a RAISE and get a decent Living Minimum Wage, which has to take into account the stark realities of the day and the super profits that the bosses make. This case is more so in the case of Garment and Textile working people predominantly women in the country. read more