TCS Layoff

TCS Layoffs & Uncertainty in the Indian IT sector

“IT stands for India tomorrow & BT stands for Bharat Tomorrow” was proclaimed by Atal B Vajpayee, former BJP Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India rephrased the above sentences in 2013 in London and said “IT is India today. BT is not biotechnology, it is Bharat Today. IT and IT equals IT. That means information technology and Indian talent is India tomorrow.”

These rhetoric quotes helped him get applause from the audience; however, today, workers in Information Technology industry are experiencing uncertainty because of a layoff program initiated by the top management in the industry. The following article is regarding the layoff issue in IT Industry, especially in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and written by Raj (name changed), an IT industry employee. read more


Hindutva Attack on Science

Indian Science Congress Association was formed in 1914, and holds it’s meet in the first week of January every year. However this year for the first time in its history it held a session on Scientific practices in ancient India, which roughly covers the period from 2000BC to 500AD. The session had talks on Engineering applications of ancient Indian Botany that rather remarkably started with an attack on contemporary medical research by claiming how ancient Indian doctors claimed cancer cells were present in every human body and how today we do not even understand diabetes properly! read more

Rajapaksa Sirisena
Sri Lanka

Devil is Replaced with Another

Tamils in Sri Lanka had turned up in thousands to cast their votes against Mahinda Rajapaksa. After a decade of repression the sudden relief of getting rid of this war monger become an immediate feeling of the majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka and in the Diaspora. Having voted to get rid of monstrous Mahinda most will agree that the result makes no major change to their aspirations – one devil is replaced with another.Thousands followed the most anticipated election closely, various likely scenarios were discussed but no-one expected Mahinda’s to accept defeat so silently.Heavy military presence, in the name of keeping a peaceful election, was visible in the north and east. There was a sense of fear which spread among those who went to the polling stations.

There are number of questions still hang in the air. Both China and India had sent in their congratulations. Will the replaced government continue its close ties with them? Newly elected Sirisena has insisted that Sri Lanka will continue to build close ties with China, India, Pakistan and Japan equally. At the same time United State Secretary of State John Kerry expressed their desire to work closely with new ‘regime’. US in the past backed UNHRC led war-crime investigation against Mahinda regime. However, Sirisena now promised to protect Mahinda. The political situation in Sri Lanka is looking uncertain. read more