Caste Discrimination Britain

Caste-based Oppression and the Class Struggle

In 2013, the British government agreed to include caste-based discrimination as an amendment to the Equality Act (2010). An alliance of Tory MPs and caste-based ‘community leaders’, however, successfully stalled its implementation to after the general election. What is behind this opposition? What role does caste play, both in South Asia and Britain? Why is it an important issue for socialists today?  read more

Patent Laws Kills Patients

Right to Life & Big Pharma!

The U.S. visit of Narendra Modi and his high profile meet up with some of the most vicious corporates and their influential lobbies brought up the issues of patents and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into the media glimpse. Even the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently at a rally in Haryana, said that cancer medicines have got costlier after Prime Minister Modi met with big pharma officials during his visit to the United States; although this was vehemently denied by the ruling BJP. read more


Saffronisation : Imposition of Hindi and Beyond!

“Unity in diversity” is one phrase which can be found in every book on Indian history. But if one tries to see if the spirit of such a phrase being followed in reality there would be only disappointment. Time and again there have been attempts to create uniformity and any talk of diverse cultures and devolution of power to the states is perceived as the threat to the unity of the nation by the upper caste ruling class of the nation. read more

Siritunga Jayasurya
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Presidential Election January 8, 2015

Socialist candidate challenges all other forces

Interview with Siritunga Jayasuriya, USP (CWI Sri Lanka)

Among those who oppose the government there is an overwhelming feeling that the opposition should stand together somehow to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa. You also oppose the Rajapaksa regime. How come you are standing independently? read more

Labour Reform
Special Exploitation Zones

Labour Reforms: An Attack On Our Class
Robust Revolt Needed

Labour reform agenda has been one of the key demands of corporate sector ever since Narendra Modi came to power. So it is not surprising to hear both the PM and his finance minister speak of it very often. Not wanting to keep his corporate backers disappointed for too long, the PM unveiled a slew of reforms last October which could mark the beginning of an all round attack on the hard won rights of the working people in India. read more