Is Modimania on the Wane?

As 2015 draws to a close, the last one and half years of the right wing, communal BJP govt at the center led by Narendra Modi has managed to put off many sections of the Indian society and beyond. In what could be called the ‘year of the cow’, the reactionaries belonging to the Sangh Parivar and its supporters have been on a rampage of sorts with one new controversy every few days. And this spill over effect has been felt everywhere with even the international media taking notice. read more

Nestle Pakistan

Solidarity Appeal: Nestle Workers’ Protest In Pakistan

Dear Friends

Socialist Movement Pakistan (CWI-Pakistan) is engaged in an important struggle to defend the workers in a Nestle factory at Kabirwala (Punjab). The Nestle management has forcibly locked out the 800 low paid contract workers from the factory since September 2015. Management instructed the gate security to stop the workers from entering the factory – none of the workers are notified of termination of their contract prior to this. These are highly low paid, poor workers and their families are facing hunger and starvation because of forced sackings. read more