Jammu & Kashmir

Bangalore- Demonstration against Human Rights Violations

More than hundred students of the St Joseph College (Bangalore) gathered to mark their solidarity with human rights issues ranging from free Tibet to their solidarity with Sharmila Irom and all other human rights violations from across the globe. This included a long rally from the College campus to Town Hall. The authorities tried drive away the demonstrators in spite of the permissions. However the students did not give up and stood their ground in front of Town Hall for two hours in heavy rain. Activists, faculty members and students attended the rally and speeches were made by different activists and students raising their voice against human rights violations. read more

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Oppose Attack on Democracy In Manipur

Resist Finance Intrusion

The Committee on the Protection of Natural Resources in Manipur (CPNRM) expresses our strong condemnation regarding the news report of the Manipur police of the Government of Manipur for filing First Information Report (FIR) to communities protesting against Petroleum Exploration in Manipur at the environmental public hearing organized by Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on 17th August 2012 at Nungba. The filing of FIR has proved that the Government of India, Govt of Manipur and the Jubilant Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd (JOPL) only insists on militaristic forms of development in clear violation of indigenous peoples rights. read more

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Video: New Socialist Speaks Out Against Loitam Richard’s Murder

The following photos and videos were captured during the protest staged on 29th April against the murder of Loitam Richard (of Manipuri origin), an architectural student from Acharya Institute, Bangalore. His death triggered a shock wave among many North Eastern students in Bangalore and beyond. The protest saw the participation of over 1000 students mainly from the North East. read more

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Beyond the Congress Magic Victory: Reflections on Manipur 10th Assembly Election

Photo: newsbeats.in

The following article is written by Dr. Malem Ningthouja (Chairperson, Campaign for Peace & Democracy – Manipur) on the recently concluded state assembly elections that took place in Manipur in February – March of this year. Manipur was the only state, the Congress made any significant electoral gains. This article examines the factors contributing to this victory of the Congress in the elections. read more

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Five States Assembly Elections-2012

Lack of a real class alternative and pattern of volatility continues

The results of the recently concluded 5 state assembly elections plus the council elections in Maharashtra is more than a warning sign for the ruling Congress party. The electoral drubbing the Congress has received in almost all the states (except in the North Eastern state of Manipur) is significant in many ways. read more