Rage Against Rape – Protests in Bangalore

Rage against RapeAs part of the nationwide outrage against the gang rape and death of a 23 year old student on 17th December in Delhi, Bangalore too has witnessed many protests and candle light vigils organized by different groups, political organizations, NGO’s etc.

The New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India), apart from participating in various other protests, was involved in organizing two protests on 29th December and 30th December titled – Freedom Miles – Basavanagudi to Jayanagar and Men Against Sexual Violence, Men for Gender Justice respectively, along with many other progressive organizations. read more


Rage Against Rape
Resist Sexual Violence

rage against rapeThe following leaflet (below) was brought out to protest the gang rape and death of a 23 year old para medical student in Delhi, particularly raising the issue of violence against women in India. The protest includes a protest march on 29 December called Freedom Miles – Basavanagudi to Jayanagar and a protest demonstration on 30 December called Men Against Sexual Violence, Men for Gender Justice. The protest is organized by several progressive organizations which includes the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) in Bangalore. read more


Climate Change: Arctic sea ice drops to a new record low

Capitalism Has Failed the Environment

This past September saw the lowest amount of Arctic summer sea ice recorded in 33 years of measurement. Climate change experts warn that the Arctic could be ice-free as early as 2020, 30 years earlier than the last estimate published in 2007. A complete loss of summer sea ice has devastating consequences for not only the fragile Arctic ecosystem, but also the entire global population. read more

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NEWS for Sale & PROFITS before People!

aa-media-box-of-liesAs in any profit driven society, the concept of free and fair mass media is as good a myth as democracy; however it gets uglier when the multinational corporations are in near total ownership of the media and are influencing every spheres of the government machinery. Clearly, it is not the billion people but the billions which are accumulated by the big businesses that are doing the talking. read more

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Free Naveen Soorinje Now!

free naveen soorinjeThe Constitution of India guarantees all its citizens certain Fundamental rights and it also clearly mentions that if these rights are violated then they have the right to knock on the doors of the judiciary. But the recent arrest of Naveen Soorinje, Kasturi Channel Newz 24 reporter, makes a mockery of all these so called democratic institutions. Soorinji had bravely reported on the now infamous brutal attack by Hindu Jagarana Vedike{{1}} on youngsters partying at “Morning Mist” homestay{{2}} in Mangalore on July 28, 2012. read more