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Capitalist Globalisation & India

One Month After the Violence at Maruti Suzuki Plant

Solidarity Support for the Maruti Suzuki workers by the workers of Gurgaon.

It has been over one month since the sudden violence that erupted at the Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar, Haryana (close to Delhi) that left one HR manager dead and several injured including workers. Still the cause behind who was actually responsible for the unfortunate incident remains a mystery. But as we predicted in our earlier article (See: Violence at Maruti Suzuki Plant), it was the workers who have been blamed for the whole incident and now we have the latest news coming in of the management sacking 1000 workers (500 permanent and 500 contact workers) for causing the violence without even a shred of evidence against them. How the management came to the conclusion at such an exact round figures as being responsible for the violence is anybody’s guess. More workers jobs are also on the line. read more


Economic Perspectives 2012

Last year in March 2011 a confident FM presenting union budget forecasted Indian economy to grow at 9%. One year after that and we see the growth rate plunged to 6.5%, way below what was anticipated an year before. This year’s economic survey puts it as:

For the Indian economy this was a year of disappointing growth performance. During each of the previous two years, 2009-10 and 2010-11, India’s gross domestic product GDP (at factor cost) grew by 8.4 per cent per annum. Further, in 2010-11, the GDP at market price grew by a remarkable 9.6 per cent. This performance, coming in the wake of one of the biggest global recessions in history, was outstanding. It fed expectations that India’s short economic downturn in 2008-9, when the GDP grew by 6.7 per cent, was behind us and the economy was on its way to full-fledged recovery. That did not happen.” read more

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Oppose Attack on Democracy In Manipur

Resist Finance Intrusion

The Committee on the Protection of Natural Resources in Manipur (CPNRM) expresses our strong condemnation regarding the news report of the Manipur police of the Government of Manipur for filing First Information Report (FIR) to communities protesting against Petroleum Exploration in Manipur at the environmental public hearing organized by Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on 17th August 2012 at Nungba. The filing of FIR has proved that the Government of India, Govt of Manipur and the Jubilant Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd (JOPL) only insists on militaristic forms of development in clear violation of indigenous peoples rights. read more

Sri Lanka

TESO conference reveals who stands in the interests of the oppressed masses

The Tamil Eelam supporters’ organisation (TESO) acts as a tool for the Dravidian Progress Federation (DMK) to sooth their voters. This has been the case since its formation in 1985 with the leader of the DMK, Mr M Karunanidhi, as its president. This organisation has been defunct for a long time. The revival of TESO and its first conference, held on 12 August and organised by the DMK, also lived up to its reputation as a party tool for mobilising votes rather than having any real concern for the struggling Tamil masses. The DMK is one of the two main political parties in Tamil Nadu, India. read more

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US: Socialist to Challenge House Speaker in General Election

Kshama Sawant ground-breaking campaign

The following article is with reference to the latest news coming out of the election results held in Seattle in the State House of Representatives, Washington State, USA where Kshama Sawant – US Socialist Alternative candidate (CWI-USA) was also running. The results represent a spectacular challenge to the two party dominated system in the US, both of which are ardent defenders of capitalism. The results now allow Kshama to challenge the current Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives (Washington State) – Frank Chopp in the General Elections in November this year. read more