Video: New Socialist Speaks Out Against Loitam Richard’s Murder

The following photos and videos were captured during the protest staged on 29th April against the murder of Loitam Richard (of Manipuri origin), an architectural student from Acharya Institute, Bangalore. His death triggered a shock wave among many North Eastern students in Bangalore and beyond. The protest saw the participation of over 1000 students mainly from the North East.

Jagadish G Chandra and Rajesh Srinivas from the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) addressed the protest. The videos include an intervention made by Jagadish G Chandra during the protest and a news coverage of the events involving the murder by New 9 channel that included a panel discussion with Jagadish G Chandra amongst others.


Photos from the protest:

Videos from the Protest:

1. Jagadish G Chandra (CWI-India) addressing the Protestors

2. NEWS 9 Coverage of the events involving the murder of Richard Loitam which includes interview of Jagadish G Chandra (CWI India) on the issues of murder of Loitam Richard and the discrimination faced by North Eastern students: