Pradeep Laminators Strike Update

Solidarity and Support urgently needed!

With the strike of the Pradeep Laminator workers (Pune) entering the 80th day, the negotiations with the management has once again failed. One of the senior left labour activist and lawyer – Vaishali Sareen has started an indefinte fast on 14th March in support of workers demands.

The New Socialist Alternative (Pune) have been part of the workers agitation from the very beginning and are in complete solidarity with the protest (Read: Solidarity with the fighting workers of Pradeep Laminators in Pune). We have also been trying gain solidarity support from workers from other industries in the area and recently held a bike rally across the Chakan industrial belt in Pune. We also celebrated the International Women’s Day alongside Pradeep Laminator workers recently.

We are appealing once again to send solidarity messages to Pradeep Laminators Workers. You can do this by emailing them – Copies of the letter to be sent to, and Please come to the aid of these workers and help stop an aggressive firm from wiping out trade union rights in Pune!

Venkatesh Harale


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