Jagadish G Chandra speaking on the NDTV Show – Left, Right & Centre

In the following video, Jagadish G Chandra (New Socialist Alternative CWI-India) participated in a panel discussion on the NDTV show – Left, Right & Centre, on the moves by IPL to ban Sri Lankan players from playing in Chennai after pressure from Jayalalitha’s govt. Other prominent panelists included – Abhishek Manu Singhvi of the Congress and D Raja, National Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI).


  1. Sri Lankan cricket players always carry their regimes propaganda of  Anti Tamils around the world , wherever they go and play.
    They show themselves as the sole representatives of Sinhala Sri lankan state, and never show any signs of impartial players of that country, where the minority Tamil population is being oppressed even in sports, except the only player Muralitharan, who is good in the game of cricket and serving the regime’s political needs to survive.
    We shall not allow the Criminal regime of Sri Lanka to use the game of Cricket  to Hide their war crimes/Tamil genocide in world arena.They have been using their cricketers as their,( Sinhala regimes) crusaders in fighting  the world opinion of Tamil Genocide and war crimes.

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