Jagadish G Chandra on Jayalalitha’s antics to get the Sri Lankan Cricket players banned from IPL matches in TN

In the following video, Jagadish G Chandra (New Socialist Alternative CWI-India) spoke in a NDTV panel discussion on the moves by IPL to ban Sri Lankan players from playing in Chennai after pressure from Jayalalitha’s govt. This is followed by a note by Jagadish G Chandra on the issue of competitive politics in Tamil Nadu and the wider geo political chess game that is being played out by the big powers of the world. 





Let’s not allow these scoundrels to make politics their last refuge!

Since the recording of this News Video on NDTV’s ‘Social Network’ programme , much dirty water has flown in the once sacred Koovam river. Jayalalitha – the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is indeed calling the SHOTS ! Whether those are fired correctly on the target or not is an issue that is submerged in the high decibels of cut throat politics in the state.

Cricket and IPL{{1}} per se big diversions in this country, very deviously used by the vested political interests. With the advent of IPL the whole game of Cricket is a commercial enterprise which is profusely milking the gullible youth and public. The franchisees are raking billions of dollars and laughing all the way to the Swiss banks, which includes Karunanidhi’s family which is the owner of one such IPL team.

Both the establishment political parties AIADMK{{2}} and DMK{{3}} are using the genuine emotions of Tamil people, especially of the Youth who have woken up to challenge the parasitical bourgeois political class, which has only hitherto shed crocodile tears on the issue of genocidal war and the War crimes perpetrated by the Sri Lankan Buddhist Communal regime led by Mahinda Brothers and Sons Pvt. Ltd.

While in the past J R Jayewardena was referred to as the Machiavelli of Sri Lankan politics who debunked the political novice Rajiv Gandhi and enticed him to send the Indian Army to deal with the Tamil Guerilla rebellion fighting for Eelam. That set a stage to see the rise of Sinhala Chauvinism on the one hand and also pitch the Island’s Tamil youth against the Indian establishment on the other. He fought a war at the expense of the Indian state against the Tamils in the North and the East, not a single Sinhala soldier was used in the IPKF intervention.

Mahinda & Co, you are guilty of War Crimes , the mass movement of Youth will book you!

Now Mahinda Rajapaksa dubbed as the rustic from the deep Southern Peasantry has proved to be much more cunning than any of his predecessors, he is the darling of the Sinhala conservatives and the lumpen alike. More than any representative of the ruling class of the world he has milked the Terrorism cow the most. He gets the major powers including the regional power India to back him in his war efforts, underwrite his war bills, gets concessional loans and aid, gets his once pathetic armed forces trained as the top notch with the help of US, India, Pakistan, Israel and China.

Even after crying evidence and documentaries available to prove that there were acts of War Crimes perpetrated, he goes scot free not once but twice at the UN forums. He gets the US to play the farce of proposing a resolution against the Sri Lankan regime, gets his trusted ally India to vote along the lines of the resolution, farce of a Drama! perfect enactment!!

It is not without reason that 1st chancellor of the German Empire: Bismark who said “Politics is the Art of the Possible”. DMK took a leaf out of this theory and pulled out of UPA to win some lost ground on the issue in particular and in the state in general. If nothing else it did succeed in placing itself at the right spot at the moment. Not to be left behind, Jayalalitha who is a past master (sorry to be gender incorrect, which would otherwise be grievously sarcastic) in such cheap political gimmicks used the situation to score a dirty brownie point.

A new cat out of the bag!

The issue of the all party resolution in Tamil Nadu assembly on the issue of Referendum on Eelam, is a new cat out of the vanity bag of Jayalalitha. It has already created illusions in the minds of the Tamil People that this could be a harmless short cut to achieve the long awaited solution. This shows how the ruling political class plays on the genuine concerns and emotions of the people of the State.

Nothing short of a mass democratic struggle, of course led by the Tamil youth in Tamil Nadu, from the North & East of Sri Lanka, and with the support of the diaspora Tamils can achieve the focus on these issues. It is imperative on such a struggle to seek the solidarity of the Sri Lankan working poor masses and the working people of India to stand with them to overthrow the oppressive regimes in the region which will be the only guarantor to create a harmonious Socialist Confederation of the Sub-Continent for which several Eelam’s and Kashmir’s are waiting for their respective national liberation struggles to come to fruition.

Jagadish G Chandra


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[[2]] All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam [[2]]

[[3]] Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam [[3]]


  1. I beg to differ with comrade jagadish on the point that “this is not the way and this is a diversion” !!! To say that Jayalalitha by this act has brought politics into sports will mean Politics and Sports are de-linked under the present system.
    sports and capital (and thereby the state which gaurds the capital) are already in hand to hand. Why would India invite Rajapaksa to the Common Wealth game closing cermony as a chief guest. Time and again the owners of the IPL teams have themselves confessed that its business they are looking for rather than the sport itself. The true spirit of sports itself cannot be realized under the present system.
    Muthaya muralidran has come out saying the tamils in srilanka are living peacefully!!! Ajantha Mendis is himself a srilankan army personel. What is wrong in opposing such players from playing on the tamil soil!!!
    Its true that both jayalaitha and karunanidhi during the war dint even raise their little finger. They were stuck in a dream where the eelam issue has no longer any appeal among the Tamils living in Tamil Nadu. The recent student protests have shattered their dreams and that has pushed the current government to take a stand and in the same way has made Karunanidhi step out of UPA. Further the people on the streets donot consider this as a only way to take the protest forward. Its one of the areas where the the protest will be registered against the sinhala government.

  2. Hi, I did not mean to say that there is no politics in sports or politics is de-linked from sports. It was during the apartheid regime in South Africa, there was a mass movement of boycott to isolate the regime there, And that is what is needed now as well. That is what I meant in the given time of 1minute and Odd, I could not explain everything in detail, even though I took the lion’s share of the time.
    My main purpose of the TV intervention was to point oout that Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi are using the issue for there own political ends and there they are using the sport, that iis my main point.

  3. I put my bet on the struggle of the Youuth in TN, who are genuinely voicing the concerns, of course there are a lot of issues we need to deal with their demands as such. Any way I thank you for raising the point, it is the dialogue and debate of ideas that will show the forward.
    That’s the reason I titled my explanation as “Let’s not allow these scoundrels to make politics their last refuge!”

  4. @அருண் காளிராஜா பாஸ்கரன் is absolutely correct in pointing out –towards the end – of what force actually made this possible. The danger we face is that, this point will be lost soon if we don’t expose the hypocrisy of ‘Dravidian’ parties (DMK and ADMK in particular) – both are trying to hijack the mood for their own electoral interests – There is no genuine attempt.. – However either its genuine or not , there are actions- and these actions sometime is in favour of the oppressed masses- and we will welcome that. But the important point here then is to maintain the long fight for ‘genuine’ justice. Those of us prepare to go all the way – long route to real justice and social change – will not give in to be excited by puny actions. DMK, ADMK attempt must be understood as stunt to save themselves – without understanding this and arguing for a genuine alternative, building a movement for real change will be hampered. I don’t think Jagadish G Chandras arguing Sports and politics should not mix-

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