System’s Negligence: Construction Workers’ Death

The System’s utter negligence, the only reason of the gruesome death of the Construction Workers

Seven Construction Workers were killed and several others were seriously injured in a disastrous accident at the Bluegrass Business Park construction site in Shastrinagarh, Yerawada, Pune on February 3, 2022. This has once again raised the issue of inefficient, reckless and corrupt management of various state mechanisms responsible for the safety of construction workers and the working class in general.

07 February, 2022 marked a glorious and momentary day with regard to the Construction Workers Movement in Pune. Led by Shramik Hakka Andolan (Labour Rights’ Movement affiliated to New Socialist Alternative) and Bandhkam Kamgar Sanghatna (Construction Workers’ Union), more than 100 Workers marched to politically demand the fundamental transformation of their conditions. New Socialist Alternative has worked tirelessly and committedly in the construction workers in the past 1 year or so. And through this New Socialist Alternative built the Trade Union
Shramik Hakka Andolan. Together they have built a rock-solid movement in construction workers in the recent past. Demanding for raising the qualities of their safety, their welfare and their employment and their dignity; these workers ferociously took to the streets to first mourn the workers who were murdered by the ruthless bourgeois system and secondly to vocalise their demands in front of the Ward Office (Local Administrative Body) of the locality where the workers were killed.

Hundreds of construction workers have died in similar circumstances in the past many years. The vital role of the Pune Municipal Corporation (Local Governing Body) which has been neglected by numerous administrations through the history has once again come into light. The nexus between the governments, local bodies and the bourgeois class is once again exposed. The prior essentials for the safety of the workers are
thoroughly avoided by the administration to increase the profit margins of the Builders. This has been challenged to the core, through Shramik Hakka Andolan. In the demands it can clearly be seen what the workers are aiming for. Transformation or Disruption. Some of the demands are –

1) An independent safety system should be set up for the safety of construction workers to ensure that such incidents do not happen
again. For this, at Pune level, the provision of safety audit in the construction law should be strictly implemented.

2) Ahluwaliya Contractors (India) Limited’s Chief Manger, Main Site Engineer, Site Manager being the prime holders of the
aforementioned Yerawada site incident, they should be booked under IPC for Culpable Homicide. The officers responsible for
inspecting and taking action against the developers of the said site should be charged with culpable homicide as well.

3) The Municipal Commissioner should inquire whether the registration of the workers was ensured before giving permission to this construction site. If such registration had not been done and the
injured, dead workers were not registered, a case should be filed against the head of Labour Welfare Department and Construction Department under Construction labour law.


New Socialist Alternative, Pune