System’s Negligence: Construction Workers’ Death

The System’s utter negligence, the only reason of the gruesome death of the Construction Workers

Seven Construction Workers were killed and several others were seriously injured in a disastrous accident at the Bluegrass Business Park construction site in Shastrinagarh, Yerawada, Pune on February 3, 2022. This has once again raised the issue of inefficient, reckless and corrupt management of various state mechanisms responsible for the safety of construction workers and the working class in general. read more


Construction Workers Report 2021

In India 93% of workforce is in an unorganized sector. They play a significant role in country’s economy. Of this, 48.92% workers i.e. as many as half are employed in building and construction sector. Nonetheless, their working conditions are miserable and there is an acute lack of any social security provisions. This huge unorganized sector has been excluded even from the basic necessities of life. Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. It meant these workers had to face repetitive lockdowns and subsequent loss of livelihood.  read more