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1 May Day March

Earlier this year we formed Shramik Hakka Andolan (Movement for Workers’ Rights), our trade union. This was the culmination of the process of mobilizing construction workers that began more than a year ago. These were daily wage laborers who would assemble each morning at a particular place called Majur Naka (Labor checkpoint). read more


All India Bandh – Pune Branch Intervention

On 27th sept. 2021 there was a nationwide call for the bandh by the peasant organizations who have been protesting for 10 months now. The protest against 3 farm laws has been one of the longest and sustained struggles in recent history. New Socialist Alternative has been supporting and actively participating in the struggle through various forms. Through our material, we have been pushing forward ideas to spread take this struggle to other sections of peasantry and also connect it to the working-class struggle. read more


Construction Workers Report 2021

In India 93% of workforce is in an unorganized sector. They play a significant role in country’s economy. Of this, 48.92% workers i.e. as many as half are employed in building and construction sector. Nonetheless, their working conditions are miserable and there is an acute lack of any social security provisions. This huge unorganized sector has been excluded even from the basic necessities of life. Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. It meant these workers had to face repetitive lockdowns and subsequent loss of livelihood.  read more