A Movie on Politics & Politics of a Movie

Madras CafeMadras Cafe- ban is not the answer!

The following write-up is an analytical review of the recently released controversial Bollywood movie – Madras Cafe by Arun Kaliraja. The movie revolves around the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi’s by the LTTE and the Indian Army’s involvement in the Sri Lankan conflict in the 80’s. The movie initially garnered controversy with demands for banning the movie by certain sections in Tamil Nadu. read more


Syria: US and Britain prepare military attack against Assad regime

SyriaNo to imperialist intervention!

Via social media, smart phones and traditional news channels a flood of bloody images, footage and reports of the unbearable suffering inflicted on the Syrian masses has been broadcast around the world.

Initially in 2011, following the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, there was a popular uprising against Assad’s police state. But, as has been explained in the Socialist, interventions and enormous financial and military backing came from the semi-feudal monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and imperialist forces in the hope of derailing that movement. read more


Protest Against Narendra Dabholkar’s Murder

To protest against the open daylight murder of the rationalist – Narendra Dabholkar in Pune (Maharashtra), New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) along with various other progressive political grouping under the banner of the Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore staged a protest at Town Hall in Bangalore on 26th Aug. The protesters also condemned the attack on the students of FTII{{1}} and KKM{{2}} activists in Pune by BJP/ RSS{{3}} student wing – ABVP{{4}}. More than 100 people turned up for the protest. read more


Kshama Sawant’s Stunning Result in Seattle Primary — Socialist Breakthrough Highlights Path for Independent Politics

Vote SawantThe following article appeared in the Socialist Alternative (CWI-US) website, the sister organization of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India), on Kshama Sawant‘s groundbreaking election results of winning over 44,000 votes (35%) in the Seattle City Council elections. This now allows Sawant for the run-off against the Democrat incumbent – Richard Colin in the November elections. read more