Aftermath of the Delhi Elections

arvind-kejriwalAn interesting situation of sorts has been created in the aftermath of the Delhi elections. With the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led by Arvind Kejriwal winning 28 seats in the 70 seat assembly and now with the Congress offering outside support for the AAP, a govt. led by the AAP seems to have become a reality. While it might be argued on the perils of such an unholy alliance as doomed to failure, it might also be useful to review as to how this whole thing unfolded. (See: Delhi Election Verdict – A Shift in the Political Chessboard? for the election analysis) read more


The archaic Democracy of India!

lgbtRe-criminalising LGBT’s hard won rights is a challenge to the entire Working people of India

The Supreme Court (SC) verdict on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), a draconian, Victorian law which criminalizes same sex behavior first of all goes against India’s own Constitution. By re-criminalising LGBT persons, the judgment ignores the spirit of inclusiveness and abandons the principle of constitutional morality, basis upon which Delhi HC pronounced its historic judgement de-criminalizing gay sex. The judgment is nothing more than a manifestation of the wrapped minds, steeped in medievalism. read more


India: Fractious & Unstable Future Ahead

Five State Assembly Elections – 2013

The much expected humiliating defeat of the Congress in 4 out of the 5 State Assembly elections has shattered all its political calculations for the General Election to be held in mid-2014. While its defeat in Madhya Pradesh was more or less on expected lines and Chhattisgarh was a close call; but the scale of its defeat in Rajasthan and especially Delhi have put a question mark on its return to power in 2014. read more


Delhi Election Verdict – A Shift in the Political Chessboard?

Delhi verdictThe results of the Delhi elections with Shiela Dixit’s Congress govt. trashed to the dustbin and not so surprisingly Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) making a strong showing in the elections with 28 seats in the 70 seat State Assembly, has definitely rocked the established political settings. The 3-time Delhi Chief Minister – Shiela Dixit losing her own seat by a margin of over 25,000 votes to Arvind Kejriwal speaks volumes on the plummeting decline of the Congress.

No single party was able to secure a majority, with the BJP gaining the highest number of seats at 31, followed by AAP at 28 and Congress at a distant 8 seats, thus the possibility of a hung assembly and re-election once again. AAP will be under pressure by the ruling classes to not rock the boat and form an alliance with either Congress or the BJP for the sake of stability etc. How far the AAP is prepared stick to its stated position (which going by their past shows they cannot be trusted) of not forming alliances for the sake of power will now be put under test and this will determine the future trajectory of the AAP. read more


South Africa: Mandela’s legacy

nelsonmandelaHeroically leading ANC to power but struggle tragically into dead end

The Democratic Socialist Movement offers condolences to the Mandela family and all those in South Africa and internationally who are mourning the passing of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Mandela is a symbol of the struggles and sacrifices of millions over decades to end apartheid and win democracy. The hopes and aspirations of that heroic struggle – with the mighty black working class playing the decisive role – were invested in Mandela. We recognise him for his role in the defeat of one of the most odious systems of oppression and exploitation in history. read more