Can India Replace China?

The ongoing tensions between the United States and China have continued to escalate as the global economic crisis deepens. While the US economy is still the most powerful in the world, its dominance is being challenged by a rapidly shifting multipolar world, with China as a powerful economic force and hub for global assembly. The US is attempting to enforce various measures to counter the perceived “threat” from China, but it faces obstacles as the interests of different economic blocs compete with each other. Despite US efforts to revive archaic agreements and institutions established during and after the Second World War, when the US dominated the capitalist world, there is no full agreement with Europe, for example. read more


May Day Rally 2023

On 1st May, the construction workers of Shramik Hakk Andolan (A Trade Union) took out 2 rallies to celebrate international workers day. For past 2.5 years we (New Socialist Alternative) have been working among construction workers and last year unionised them registering a trade union named ‘Shramik Hakk Andolan‘.
Along with addressing the major issues faced by these workers (like difficulties in registering with Board of Construction Workers) we have been constantly discussing various social, ecobmical and political topics with them emphasising the need to organise working class struggle against the rotten system.
The largr participation of workers in May Day rallies was a testimony to our efforts. We organised 2 different rallies in 2 different parts of the city, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Both of them were attended by 100 odd workers each. Carrying scores of red flags and dozens of placards, workers enthusiastically participated jn the rally shouting slogans. Through our placards and leaflets (around 400) we appealed that May Day is the day of all laborers comemorating the struggle of working class. placards put forward grievences of not just construction workers but also sanitation workers, vendors and other sections of unorganjzed working class. We also made a point to reach out to fresh layers of youth workers like Gig workers, teachers on contract. The rally passed through working class areas and we appealed others to join. It was a vibrant march where at few spots workers performed lezim (A Traditional Group Dance). read more


Karnataka Elections- BJP Gets a Shock

The results of the just concluded Karnataka assembly elections are seen as a great relief. The resounding rebuff that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) received at the hands of Karnataka people voters is seen as a whiff of fresh air not only in the state of Karnataka but across the entire country. While many political pundits had resigned to the hype that the Modi led BJP juggernaut was unstoppable, and the party of the Hindu right will get an easy victory this time with clear majority on its own. read more