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India’s parliamentary election ends myth of invincibility of Modi

The results of one of the most important parliamentary elections in the history of India show a resounding setback for the ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) regime. Given the numbers, the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) coalition, led by Modi, was always likely to form the new government but that does not diminish the message of the mandate. In the run up to elections it was publicised that BJP would win more than 400 out of 544 seats. Exit polls too predicted big win. Notwithstanding such hype the BJP lost sixty-three seats, wining only 240 seats, thirty-two short of a majority. The NDA coalition, led by the BJP, still secured a majority but fell short of three hundred seats. For the opposition coalition, INDIA (The Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance), the gains were significant. Far surpassing expectations, it won 233 seats. The myth of invincibility of Modi is broken. Beyond immediate factors, such a major mandate deserves broader analysis. read more


Karnataka Elections- BJP Gets a Shock

The results of the just concluded Karnataka assembly elections are seen as a great relief. The resounding rebuff that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) received at the hands of Karnataka people voters is seen as a whiff of fresh air not only in the state of Karnataka but across the entire country. While many political pundits had resigned to the hype that the Modi led BJP juggernaut was unstoppable, and the party of the Hindu right will get an easy victory this time with clear majority on its own. read more

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Which way forward for the historic farmers’ struggle?

The massive peasant protest of recent months, anchored around India’s capital, Delhi, with wider support across the country, is historic. It is the first time in the seven years of Modi rule that any action has pushed his authoritarian government onto the back-foot. This regime, which could on every occasion mobilise enough chauvinist hysteria to quell opposition to its policies, has, so far, failed to do so with the farmers. The dramatic events of 26th January, Republic Day, in particular, posed a new, major challenge. read more

New Socialist Alternative, Pune intervening during the General Strike.
General Strike

26th November- India’s working class flexes its muscles

India’s Working Class resolutely flexes its Strength

Despite the widespread repression under this blatantly right-wing BJP-Modi regime, the all India General Strike on 26 November by working people involving more than 250 million workers (Joint Committee of Trade Unions- JCTU have claimed the number as 300 million-plus) seems to have set the tone for the battles ahead. read more

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India: Huge ‘bad debt’ write-off for big business revealed

Image: Flikr/Wikimedia commons
A recent report that an enormous amount of taxpayers money is being used to bail out the bad debts of the super-rich has shocked workers and the poor in India, while the Modi government is refusing to spend enough to save lives during the covid-19 crisis. As this news emerged in response to RTI (right to information) query, the lives of the majority of workers and poor are devastated by the corona crisis, and many face starvation. read more