Pune University Security Gaurds Strike

Security of security guards at stake at S.P. Pune University!

Pune University is one of the most prestigious universities in India. Around a year ago, it was renamed. The name of the legendary social reformer, Savitribai Phule, was added. Savitribai Phule, who sacrificed her whole life for uplifting of women, underprivileged and oppressed castes through education and radical social empowerment activities, but does the university administration really follow the path of Savirtibai Phule? read more

Jayalalitha Death
Tamil Nadu

‘Amma’ Jayalalithaa’s Death – A tumultuous period is opening up in Tamil Nadu

From Sunday evening, it was a tense situation in Chennai with hundreds of police personnel patrolling the roads and streets. The news started to spread the critical health condition of Jayalalithaa who was by then hospitalised for more than 70 days. The city was on high alert. The shops shuttered by Monday evening with some news channels reporting the chief minister’s death. However, it was officially announced, around midnight that the Chief minister Jayalalithaa died on Monday (5.12.16) at 11.30pm. read more


General Strike 28th November – Modi has failed the people, Must go!

The tyranny of Modi’s regime have brought untold miseries, deaths and uncertainties to the already languishing millions and millions of people in India. The ‘so called’ demonetisation of the 86% of the currency in use, has virtually brought the economy into a stand still, with more than 100 million people queuing up the banks and ATM’s everyday and more than 100 million working people particularly in the informal sectors losing their subsistence. This crude authoritarian gimmick of Modi has failed, it has failed the people and it failed hopelessly! read more


Modi has failed the people, he must Go!

Hear Jagadish G Chandra from the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) on the demontization by the Modi govt. that has resulted in untold hardship on the working people of India. The following statement by Jagadish is an appeal to the Bank workers trade unions (and trade unions in general) that have called for the resignation of RBI governor – Urjit Patel. read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

#OccupyRBI Protests

The following is a facebook post by Jagadish G Chandra from the New Socialist Alternative on the #OccupyRBI protest that was organized in Bangalore yesterday. It also features short videos with activists speaking about how the demonetization by the Modi govt has ended up hurting the working people. Jagadish & others activists were detained and later released by the police. read more