May Day Statement

May Day Greetings to all workers around the world.

The Ongoing Corona crisis has affected millions of people and many have lost their lives or their loved ones to this Covid pandemic. The mass media is projecting that the governments propaganda that they are handling the situation. But Social media is filled with pleas form the public requesting assistance for corona treatment in terms of medications / O2 resources / hospital beds even. Many lives are lost in the parking lots of hospitals as patients wait for getting admitted into hospitals. Currently there are huge queues outside hospitals and crematoriums as the lives lost to this pandemic daily rose to numbers to never seen before. Presently India has become the country with the largest Covid affected population and least in in the number of vaccines administered. Such dismal situation has dampened the spirits of the common people and especially the workers, that has become the most affected of all. This situation has dampened Mayday celebrations in the country and worldwide too. read more


Modi’s Regime Uses Corona to Abuse All Democratic Rights

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, imposed a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country from 25 March onwards. Prime Minister Modi proclaimed he was locking down the country in four hours’ time. Just like the demonetisation announcement, this was also made at eight in the evening. All domestic flights, trains, buses, and other forms of transport were suspended. The entire nation came to a grinding halt. This sudden announcement of lockdown without sufficient warning brought immeasurable hardship and suffering to the working population of India. read more


Joint statement in support of the Public Health Service Campaign.

Image Courtesy: Economic Times

Corona is certainly a dangerous Virus but the reason it has turned into a pandemic is certainly the making of capitalism. Decades of reckless policies of neo-liberalism led to constant neglect of public health care services to facilitate entry and expansion of private capital. It has turned even the basic health facilities into a profiteering business.
The fundamental antagonism between the interests of the capital and that of people has been most glaringly brought to the fore by the Supreme Court judgement last week (8th April) mandating testing of Corona cases to be carried out free of charge. Now even this decision has been reversed at the behest of central government paving the way for private labs to charge hefty money for Corona testing. This could have grave consequences considering acute lack of testing facilities on the one side and intense economic misery faced by the majority of India’s population. It is on this backdrop that many organizations and trade unions in Maharashtra came together to protest such a scandalous move by the central government demanding the immediate take over of private Hospitals and Laboratories.
This protest campaign initiated by New Socialist Alternative has produced a joint statement endorsed by participating Trade Unions and Peoples’ Organisations. We appeal to all Trade Unions, Left forces and progressive organisations across the country to endorse this joint appeal and help build a struggle against the bosses system that is out to profit out of peoples misery. read more

Patent Laws Kills Patients

Right to Life & Big Pharma!

The U.S. visit of Narendra Modi and his high profile meet up with some of the most vicious corporates and their influential lobbies brought up the issues of patents and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into the media glimpse. Even the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently at a rally in Haryana, said that cancer medicines have got costlier after Prime Minister Modi met with big pharma officials during his visit to the United States; although this was vehemently denied by the ruling BJP. read more