Video: Way forward for the Indian Working Class

The unprecedented second-time victory of Modi with an increased vote share and mandate has indeed put all the progressive forces in India on a back-foot. Though there is complete disarray among the left in general and Communist parties in particular, nevertheless Indian working class which has a heroic history of struggles both for their own advancement and for the society as a whole has to put this temporary electoral defeat in perspective, especially from an internationalist Marxist point of view and march forward in a united struggle to defeat not only Modi and Hindutva, but Capitalism & Landlordism as a whole.


Hence the New Socialist Alternative, the section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in India discussed the current political situation with Comrade Peter Taaffe, a leading member of the International Secretariat of CWI, and the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, England & Wales.

We welcome the viewers, particularly the young worker activists, oppressed castes fighters and other progressive sections to discuss the points raised in this video, which we think is a small contribution to clarify the current imbroglio and arm our ranks to struggle forward for a decisive socialist future, where Casteism, Communalism and Capitalism would be history.