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Make in India

It is ironic that India after 66 years of Independence is saddled with a villainous regime with exactly the same number of ministers and the Prime Monster(PM) heading it, is none other than a person who successfully engineered and abated a series of blood letting communal pogroms, and yet whitewashed himself and his party with democratic pretensions of wining a majority. read more

Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

Swacch Bharat: What are we even cleaning?

“The acche din you were promised is nowhere near reachable! Please try again later” would be a perfect soulless voice to describe the post 2014 election climate in India. Modi posted his pics and updates in facebook. He tweeted to reach out the youth. He travelled as Holograms where he wasn’t able to campaign. He traveled as short films in OB vans to interior villages. This was during the elections of 2014. Now that he has won the elections, with nothing different from the congress to offer on the economic front, he has opted to do the same! read more

Seth Bank of India

Vedic Capitalism

In a move that has taken no one, except the most gullible citizens, by surprise the public sector State Bank of India changed its name to the Seth Bank of India.

The bank, which is India’s largest financial institution, said in a statement that the renaming was done to better reflect the fact that it is no longer the Indian State but the Indian Seth who decides its policies. read more

Kiss of Love

Kiss Me With More Love

I still remember my friend telling me during the recent parliament elections that he strongly doesn’t want a fundamentalist type of government coming to power. The reason he told me was “I don’t want any Sanghi creating a scene while I’m walking around with my girlfriend.” He may not have been very far off the mark. read more

Gujarat Model

Gujarat Model: A case of De-development

One of the crucial factors which has led to BJP getting an absolute majority in this election has been the constant propaganda related to good governance of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. It has often been stated that under Modi’s governance, Gujarat has seen a remarkable infrastructure development, boost in the agricultural sector and boost in the manufacturing sector. What is so dangerous about this propaganda is that it is extremely deceptive. read more