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Garment factories – a hell on earth

One day in February this year, Ammu, a 25-year-old textile worker, was found hanged in the most suspicious circumstances.

Her death was declared to be a suicide. This garment worker, at the ‘Triangle Apparels’ factory, Bangalore, was the mother of two children. Her death has orphaned them. read more

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Maoist ministers sworn in

New government, but is it a “new Nepal”?

In a twist of history, the Minister of Information and Communication in Nepal’s new government is the former spokesman of the Maoist People’s Army, Krishna Bahadur Mahara. Along with four other Maoists, he was sworn in at a ceremony on Sunday 1 April. The oath, lead by 85-year-old Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, was broadcast on national television, which Krishna Bahadur Mahara is in charge of from now on. read more

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West Bengal

Peasants massacred in West Bengal

Killings are ultimately the responsibility of the ‘Communist’ led state government.

The Communist Party (Marxist) has had majority support in West Bengal and has run the state for 30 years. Much of its support has come from the landless peasantry who were granted what they thought were permanent land rights under a popular but very limited land reform. Now, with the leaders of this party choosing to side with big multinationals in a big drive to set up Special Economic Zones, has moved to take back the tenuous rights of these people. Huge battles have been waged and the ‘Communists’ have employed armed police to put down the angry uprisings of the local population. On March 14, eighteen demonstrators were killed in the Nandigram area and many more were badly injured. read more