You are hungry & poor!!? What a race!! We are speeding……………….!

The following article is written by Aquil Mohammad student activist based in Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University -JNU and also a supporter of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India). The article is based on Corporate India’s latest fad – F1 formula one racing that took place recently in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), close to the Indian Capital – Delhi.

Events such as F1 are merely an expressions of the rotten nature of Indian capitalism that finds joy amidst misery of the majority, living on hand to mouth existence. Such thoroughly wasteful and bashful events only expose the failure of the Indian bourgeoisie to solve any basic fundamental problems in the society and has instead intoxicated itself on false self-glorification thereby proving its own bankruptcy. Crying need of the hour is the absence of an alternative force capable of freeing the masses from the hell hole that is India.


You are hungry & poor!!?

What a race!! We are speeding……………….!

The successful staging of F1 – formula racing last month organized by big corporations and studded with celebrities, has once again been hailed as the coming of age of superpower India, an India supremely confident of its economic success. The electronic media went viral, driven as they are by TRP’s in this “Breaking News” era. The newspaper and magazines were abuzz and flooded with columns written about the arrival of F1, as if this were the only thing the Indian elite have been deprived of!

Suresh Kalmadi & Vijay Mallya corrupt in their own ways & wholeheartedly behind F1. Cartoon: Satish Acharya

There were talks of prospects of Force India, a racing team owned by Vijay Mallya’s UB Group (whose Kingfisher Airlines is all but bankrupt!) as if everything else simply ceased to exist and matter to Indians. The success was hailed probably as the re-emergence of India after the humiliating corruption scandals that surrounded the Common Wealth Games (CWG) last year. However, what went unnoticed by the media was the Indian government’s total support behind the successful staging of the event, while the ordinary Indian people have been made the bystander of this “Grand Success”, as they have been in all other so called “success stories” of the corporate Indian capitalism.

This is the trend of current events in India – the meteoric rise of millionaires and billionaires, followed by the increasing invisibility of ordinary people. The Indian government today only talks in the language of Neo-liberal capitalism and has become one of the prime promoters of globalisation.

Everything today is the celebration of this crony capitalism. That possibly explains the almost planetary separation of the worlds of peasants on whose lands was erected this wasteful sporting infrastructure. The peasants in the Delhi Suburban areas were simply clueless about the whole event. The shocking scale of peasant’s suicides in India evidently does not matter much to the media. As someone said, starving farmers do not buy newspapers.

Uttar Pradesh, where this event was organized, has one of the worst human development indicators, comparable only to Sub-Saharan Africa. It is one of the most impoverished states of India, a place where many people go hungry. It is also a state where every year, including this one where more than 500 people died of such easily preventable disease outbreaks like Japanese Elephantiasis. So when corporate India is boasting of “success”, it is a situation similar to Orwellian imagination of a man stamping his boots on the chest of humanity.

Yet, against all insurmountable odds, the ordinary working people of India are fighting against this grave injustice. There are struggles taking place all over the country today. The Indian government is completely separated from the lives of ordinary Indian people and has merged with global elite and joined the chorus in the promotion of crony neo – liberal capitalism. In Kashmir and North-East and tribal areas of Central India and many other regions, people are fighting for their basic rights and livelihood.

Yet shamefully, we keep hearing of Indian government’s refusal to feed its own people. It is more than willing to aid the corporate loot of India, but it is criminally reluctant to pass a comprehensive food security bill, which is a fundamental human right if at all India should call itself the World’s largest democracy.

Aquil Mohammad