Teesta Setalvad on Modi’s credentials to be next PM

The Indian political scenario is at precarious cross roads. On the one hand the abysmal failure of the Congress led UPA government in all fronts is so glaring. On the other the BJP, the fox that came in to the ruling arena in the late 1980’s precisely feeding on the discontent of the dispossessed and the disarray of the left, has used the undeserving credibility that it gained in the coalition experiment of the so called National Front led by ex-Congress-man V P Singh.

Catapulting itself from 2 to 183 seats in the Parliament, the RSS backed BJP has tried every trick up its sleeve to cobble-up a viable coalition in the form of NDA. It did even came dangerously close to win the 2004 elections riding on the hyped hope of a ‘Shining India’ syndrome, which would have resurrected BJP in its own brutal right to carry out its divisive agenda of Hindutva. Thanks to those from the rural silent majority especially in the northern parts of this landmass called India, who rejected this con of Hindu Supremacists to return to power.

In bourgeois politics 10 years is a very short period, we are witnessing yet again a resurgence of these right wing forces, this time with a renewed vigour and valour by tom-tomming the so called Modi’s Gujarat & its development. But thanks to some of those people in the country who form the New and Independent Left, who have meticulously followed the blood stained foot prints of these communal-ists, whose perseverance helps us to understand the machinations of these essentially authoritarian mindset of the Hindutava forces.

Teesta Setalvad, the secretary of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) tore into the gobble’sian myth of “Modi’s Development” model. She was outstanding in her exposition to debunk the myths of this infamous ‘development messiah’.

We bring you here the video clip of Teesta’s entire speech at a recent meeting in St. Aloysius College, Bangalore where she addressed a cross section of the city’s activist community and warned them of the inherent dangers that lie ahead.


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