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On November 4, 2011, Manipuri poet Irom Sharmila Chanu’s hunger fast completed 11 years. She has not touched water or food during this period and she has been force-fed through nose and has been charged for attempt to commit suicide. No man or woman in the history of any struggle anywhere in the world has ever gone through such a long, consistent period of hunger fast. Hence, Irom Sharmila Chanu has today become a unique symbol of struggle for justice.


Why This Struggle?


Sharmila’s demand is simple and humane: Repeal the draconian law, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). The brutalities under AFSPA is not limited to Manipur, but also all over north east India as well as Kashmir. AFSPA equips the security forces with unrestricted powers including the power to arrest and enter any home or dwelling without warrant as well as the power to shoot, arrest and kill at the hint of suspicion, even without any threat to the lives of the security forces. This law has made the army powerful in these regions in such a way that they can not be questioned by legal redress mechanisms . Thus, `disappearances’, torture, rape,loot and killings have become a regular affair in these regions. Irom Sharmila a witness to these massacres, stood-up and started her historical hunger fast after the killings of 10 innocent people in Malom town on the 2nd November 2000 by the Indian Army, with a demand to `Repeal AFSPA’.


Join the Struggle to Protect the Lives of Innocents


Innocent people are being targeted and killed due to the long implementation ofAFSPA in Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland and other north eastern states. Many protests have taken place against AFSPA in support of Irom Sharmila in Bangalore as well as all over India. Today, when Irom Sharmila has already entered the 12th year of hunger fast, we feel the need to intensify all our actions with the best of our abilities. For it is with the money generated from our taxes from all over India, that this gruesome massacre is going on. It is because of the silence of a large section of people outside Manipur, North East and Kashmir, that a fagile lady with an iron will, Irom Sharmilais still suffering for humanity. It is time today, to break all silence, mobilise in large numbers and protest with our loudest voice which should be heard even in Delhi. Therefore, we request you to join the protest at Town Hall, Bangalore on 26 Nov. 2011 @ 4pm

AFSPA is an unjust law, a blot on the democratic principles. It must go. Let 26th of November, 2011 be remembered as a major a day of Bangalore people’s action againstAFSPA in solidarity with Sharmila Irom.


We call upon all freedom loving students, citizens, groups and human rights campaigners for democratic values to be an integral part of the struggle to Repeal AFSPA. Join us on 26th of November, to show solidarity with Sharmila.

Mobilise for the protest and bring your Music, Graffiti, Band, Banner, Poster and all creativity to the protest against AFSPA

Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore

Call for details :

09448394365, 09845453614, 09686733127. 09448367627, 09886126064

Bangalore’s Day of action against the brutal law


(Armed Forces Special Powers Act)

26th November,Town Hall Bangalore @ 4pm