REJECT THEM ALL: Say No To Scamsters, Looters and Corporate Brokers

Curtains rise on the great Indian drama of democracy. Four states go to polls this month. We are fed with running commentaries on the hard bargaining for MLA seats, the making and breaking of alliances, of the freebies and the corruption scams. In Tamilnadu, the DMK and AIADMK have matched each other in promising everything from laptops to buss pass. The rest are busy to make the most out the little pie they have snatched from the two dominant parties. Those left out sulk and scream in fury. MDMK, led by firebrand Tamil Nationalist leader VaiKo has decided to boycott the elections, something they refused to do at the height of mass killings of Eelam Tamils by Rajapakse with tacit support from India.

We are struck dumb by the scale of scams like spectrum. We watch with pain at the vicious and selfish struggle for power. We witness the tragic comedy of the electoral number game. The ideological bankruptcy of these so called leaders’ stands exposed. But nothing can distract the one question that lingers in our minds. WHAT ABOUT US, the people in whose name this drama of democracy is scripted? What are the issues for this election? What is at stake for the working and toiling masses?

We suffer from the skyrocketing food prices and petrol prices but our PM categorically refuses to provide subsidized food for all or reduce the tax on petrol — even as his government doles out 88,000 crores as tax exemptions for large companies.

They promise us new houses only to bulldoze our homes to make way for more cars. In the name of beautifying our cities they throw the working people from the cities.

They promise free electricity and crop loans to the farmers but forcefully take our lands and gift it to large multi national companies in the name of industrial growth.

They promise lakhs of jobs every time but once in power support companies that brutally cut down our wages and throw us out of jobs in order to make profits from our starvation.

They promise laptops and school uniforms but leave our government schools dilapidated and teacherless so that private schools can make the most profit at the cost of our children’s future.

They promise us health insurance but leave us exposed to disease, pollution, chemical and nuclear disasters while systematically dismantling our primary health centers and government hospitals.

We will not take this Insult anymore

  • We shall not be lured by free TVs but demand our right to leisure and 8hr work
  • We shall not be fooled by free rice but demand our right to jobs and a fair living wage
  • We shall not be dazzled by free laptops but demand the right of our children to free education
  • We shall not be satisfied with a paltry health insurance but demand our right for free health care
  • We shall demand our right to our lands, livelihoods and homes

We will exercise our Right to Vote – We will Reject all the anti people parties


We Shall Make Our Voices Heard

We Will Build a True Working Class Party

We Will Build a Genuine Democratic Socialist Society

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