Pune: Public Campaign Against FDI in Retail & Fuel Price Hike

In view of the recent decision of the government to introduce FDI in retail & increase in fuel price and limiting LPG cylinders per households, the New Socialist Alternative (Pune Branch), held a campaign exhibition on 2nd October at Shaniwar Wada displaying posters and placards detailing the impact of these reforms. We decided to hold this poster campaign after a public meeting/ discussion on 30th September on FDI in retail and fuel price hike, were between 15-20 people attended.

Posters/ placards were put up for display with news paper cuttings, statistics and cartoons countering the government claim on fuel price subsidies and benefits of FDI in retail. All the members of our branch plus five supporters of the campaign participated in both organizing the poster exhibition plus giving their time to design these posters. About 100 people came to view our poster exhibition and held discussions with members of the branch on why we are campaigning against these neo-liberal reforms.

Overall, we gained many serious contacts from the poster exhibition. It was also a very useful education for our new members, that helped them gain confidence and enthusiasm for taking more such initiatives forward in the future.

New Socialist Alternative – Pune (CWI-India)