Protest Reception for Mr. Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Protest Reception for Mr. Abe, Prime Minister of JapanIt was indeed a very spirited protest event, in which the message against the India-Japan Nuclear Deal was loud and clear, Around 150 protesters predominantly young and women participated in the ‘Protest Welcome to Mr Abe’ and shouted slogans against India-Japan Nuclear Deal which is in the offing.

Students from St. Aloysius Degree College, Trainees from Indian Social Institute, United Theological College (UTC), members from the LGBTQ community, left and progressive individuals were among the participants at the protest event at Town Hall on 25th January ’14, which was organised under the banner of Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore.

Members of various women’s organisations, including ‘Vimochana’, who had to come to the same venue to protest against the Racist & Sexist attitudes of Aam Admi Party in Delhi also joined the anti-Nuclear Deal protest whole heartedly and added the energy and strength to the protest.

Ambrose Pinto, Principal – St. Aloysius Degree College, Ramdas of PUCL, Willy Wilfred Dcosta of CNDP, Victor Raj of INSAF, Narasimha Murthy – Human Rights activist, Suvrat Raju (anti-nuclear columnist), Jay N Jayaram (Journalist), Veena of Praja Rajakiya Vedike, Evangeline Anderson of UTC, Corine, Shakun, Madhu, Donna, Kalpana, Meera and many others of Vimochana were among the activists to lead the protest. Fr,Ambrose Pinto, Corine, Suvrat Raju, Evangeline addressed the gathering and warned of the danger that this deal with Japan is going to bring about. Ajay and Mutthu of St Aloysius College students also spoke at the event. Jagadish G Chandra,Vishwa Nath and Anisha Shaji of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) led the slogans and conducted the event.

Jagadish G Chandra


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