Political Drama in Karnataka

Yeddyurappa & Governor H R Bhardwaj. Photo: topnews.in

The political drama being enacted in Karnataka seems to have no ending at all! The latest in the news was the sudden bandh call given by the BJP state unit in Karnataka on 22nd January with full support from the BJP led state govt. The bandh was in response to the decision taken by the Karnataka Governor H R Bharadwaj to prosecute the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on charges of corruption. The BJP immediately reacted to the Governor’s decision by giving a bandh call on 22nd January on the charges that the Governor was acting as a Congress agent than a mere Constitutional head of the state who has no role in meddling in state politics.

Governor’s role as Congress agent notwithstanding, it is beyond doubt that the BJP in Karnataka is acting on a sense of desperation as all the mounting evidence are piling up daily on the corruption being indulged by both the Chief Minister and the state govt. in rewarding their kith and kilns with lucrative deals and indulging in the looting of the state resources such as the iron ore region of Bellary district of Karnataka.

The Chief Minister himself having accepted the charges made by the opposition but instead of quitting as is usually the norm, he decided to hold on to his chair on the plea that he agreed to return the land deals awarded to his own family members. This episode of the whole saga of BJP’s misrule probably achieved its ultimate climax when Yeddyurappa got blessing of the BJP high command in the New Delhi which has been ironically been leading a national campaign against corruption being indulged by the Congress govt. in the center in the Common Wealth Games, Adarsh Housing Scam and the 2G spectrum scandal.

The problems for the BJP in acting against Yeddyurappa arises from the fact that the entire edifice of the BJP rule in Karnataka, based on caste, communal equations and the financial muscle powers of the mining, land mafia and other such looters, would collapse if Yeddyurappa were to resign and the fact that there is absolutely no tall figure in the BJP of the stature of Yeddyurappa (who has substantial following based on his Lingayat caste – religion card and as farmers leader) to replace him. And there is factional warfare within the BJP state unit of Karnataka itself, which will all come out in the open if the Yeddyurappa were to resign.

The only succor for the BJP to draw on for now is the repeated victories being won by the party in the various local and Panchayat (village) level elections (in Karnataka) held so far which continues to confound the opposition. The only possible explanation for this probably lies in the fact that people having experienced the govt. of Congress and Deve Gowda’s Janata Dal (Secular) govt. first hand have decided to put up with BJP for now due to the lack of any credible political alternative.

All of BJP’s talk of being victimized by the Congress govt. in the center holds no water. BJP regime has absolutely no right to talk of rule of law and order when it has misused all the laws in favor of the its real constituency – the Hindutva bastion, the real estate mafia, mining looters in Bellary, the Indian as well as foreign multinational and has engaged in blatant corruption as the previous Congress and JD(S) regime.

On the BJP’s charges of Governor acting as a Congress agent, there is probably some credence to the fact, with Governor being a well known member of the Congress party in the past. But none of this should deflect us from the fact the BJP – Congress tit- for- tat is nothing more than a verbal duel on who should be running office and the fact that BJP is trying to draw mileage from the fact of Congress with its long history of toppling democratically elected govt.  Probe a little deeper, one finds that both Congress, the BJP or the Janata Dal (S) for that matter are no different in their economic or social or political outlook that continues to favor the big multinational and the landlordist against the mass of ordinary working people and the peasantry of Karnataka.