International Women’s day – India

Capitalist India – the land of a million festivals – has a unique trick up its sleeve to turn the most radical of events into a ritual to perpetuate its feudal status-quo. International Women’s Day symbolises women’s ongoing fight for emancipation while across the country thousands of young women are burnt alive and the only escape for victims of rape, sexual assault and harassment is a suicide noose. Poverty wages do not meet the cost of two square meals a day and sometimes can not even buy a minimum amount of milk for a woman to feed her kids. This too, can drive her to suicide.

With Red Salute, Nirmala Shetty, (Dudiyora Hora’ta)

International Women’s Day. Report from India.

Free Market Capitalism brings no end to women’s suffering

In India, communal bigotry, caste wars and language strifes are a common feature in every day life, but it is women who take the maximum brunt. They become victims of these sectarian killings and massacres. In recent weeks we have seen number of horrific instances of such carnage in which women and children were the main victims. The private armies of all-powerful Bihar landlords are killing daliths (lowest caste) and women every day.

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