Kashmir: the roots of the crisis

Kashmir has been fought over by India and Pakistan ever since British imperialism’s divide-and-rule partition of the subcontinent in 1947. The Kashmiri people have been brutally oppressed, denied democracy and self-determination, and suffered two wars and many military mobilisations. Today a million troops face each other across the Indo-Pakistan border. KEVIN SIMPSON details the historical background to the conflict.

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Kashmir conflict: Capitalist Crisis Threatens Nuclear War

The world is nearer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

The United States and the Soviet Union came close to a nuclear exchange, when Khrushchev based nuclear-armed missiles on Cuba. Fortunately, US imperialism and the Soviet bureaucracy negotiated their way out of the crisis, despite pressure from the US military to launch a pre-emptive strike against Cuba.

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Asian Sub-continent on the Brink of Catastrophe

By a Kashmiri socialist (29/05/02)

An eyewitness account from a socialist in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir

KASHMIR, INDIA and Pakistan stand on the edge of a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Two unstable regimes with nuclear weapons threaten to bring destruction to millions of people already suffering from poverty, disease and mass unemployment. Both the Pakistani and Indian regimes are whipping up nationalism and chauvinism in order to create war hysteria.

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New War Threat Looms Over Kashmir Conflict

AN ATTACK on an Indian army camp in Kashmir by Kashmiri separatists has increased tensions between India and Pakistan threatening a potentially horrific escalation in the region’s long-running conflict.

Since the attack on the barracks, in which 34 people were killed, including the attackers, India has retaliated by expelling the Pakistani high commissioner. The troops of both governments have massed either side of their common border and along the Line of Control in Kashmir and have launched artillery shells at each other.

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Eyewitness Report: Anti-Muslim Pogroms in Ahmedabad

INDIA IS reeling from the worst communal violence for ten years. On Wednesday 27 February in the town of Godhra in Gujarat, a train carrying Hindu nationalists was attacked with petrol bombs. The train caught fire and 58 people were killed. On Thursday, Hindu nationalists across Gujarat responded with violent riots which have so far left around 70 dead. The epicentre of the violence has been Ahmedabad, state capital of Gujarat, where 35 Muslims have been burned in their own homes, and at least 150 have been injured.

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