North East Exodus: Class Unity is the Key!

The following statement is with reference to the very recent incident of many North Eastern people in Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka (and now Chennai, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh) fleeing the city in their thousands to rumours of planned attacks against them after Ramadan in response to the communal violence against Muslims that took place recently in Assam. While rumours are yet to be verified or substantiated and no big instance of violence against the North Eastern community have been reported anywhere in the city so far, there is an added fear especially after the recent flare up of violence by misguided Muslim youth in Mumbai that was largely directed against the media and the police. The violence in Mumbai was deliberately instigated by few reactionary Muslim leaders with false propaganda and doctored images from the recent violence in Assam and alleged killing of Muslims in Myanmar.

The violence in Mumbai is condemnable and fear being created against the North Eastern community (whoever is responsible for it) only gives ammunition to the Hindu right wing forces from the Sangh Parivar and Shiv Sena who have already started a propaganda of Bangladeshi immigrants infiltrating India. While the issue of Bangladeshi immigrants in the North East is very explosive topic, but it needs to be understood in the context of underdevelopment of North East and failure of third world economies like Bangladesh. The ruling classes in the region have deliberately created a divide amongst people of different ethnicities and race against each other and the latest violence involving Bodos against Muslims and vice versa in Assam is nothing more than a manifestation of this trend.

As Malcolm X said it there is no racism without capitalism holds good in this case as well where communalism is product of the failure of the capitalism in India. This festering wound will continue to sour unless it is challenged by the unity of working people irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity or nationality against this system based on inequality and exploitation called capitalism.


In the last few days this country; the land mass called India, particularly the city of Bangalore has seen a peculiar form of Racist/Communal proceedings. While all peace loving human beings would surely condemn what is in progress, but one has to inquire into the political moorings of this scenario.

Though nothing is confirmed to pin point the actual scare mongers who are spreading despicable rumours to the effect that the brothers of the oppressed Muslim minority are intending to attack the North East people as a revenge to what happened in Assam against the Muslim population there.

Many blogs and facebook posts have opined that it is a mistaken identity, and a case of not differentiating Assamese from the rest of the North-East people. Even if it was the tribes from Assam who were allegedly responsible for the communal attacks there, it is no justification to attack them here. Communalism is a scourge which manifests in multifarious ways and tendencies, it has to be fought tooth and nail by engaging in uniting all the oppressed sections of the society who are victims of the Capitalist rule.

It is indeed noteworthy that many citizen forums and organisations predominantly comprising of Muslim people came forward to assure the North Eastern community of solidarity in these troubled times, but that is not enough, the political parties and forces representing the so-called “Hindu majority”, have done nothing to instil confidence.

As a matter of fact, it was ironical that the same ideological forces who were responsible in attacking the youth who were in the Mangalore Home Stay were seen expressing their sympathies to the north eastern people at the Railway Station. It was nothing but the strategy of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”!

The forces who profess Hindu majoritarian views are no friends of any oppressed minority, they represent the grotesque communal agenda of a Fundamentalist, Virulent Hindu Nationalism. It is the duty of all of us to unite our forces against these culprits to save our class and our people. We must expose the State machinery which is hand in glove with these forces.

No trust in the Government led by BJP. No trust in the Police force which is infested with communal goons influenced by the BJP ideology.

No trust in the Congress government either which has created this atmosphere of mistrust and hatred through its economic and social policies. There is no communalism without Capitalism

Let’s defend our brothers and sisters of North Eastern Community by forming defence committees comprising of activists & people from Trade Unions, Community Organisations from all faiths, Dalith fighters, Women’s organisations and all the oppressed people.

Jagadish G Chandra

Bangalore, New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)