No to Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, if they say it is SEDITIOUS, so be it.

The following write-up, that appeared in, is a personal account by S P Udayakumar, the convener of the Peoples’ Movement against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), who is spearheading the protest against the nuclear plant in Koodankulam.

It has now become amply clear that the Indian state has been lying right-left and centre on the issue of Nuclear Plants in this country. In the light of yesterday’s 8.7 Richter scale earth quake which was felt in the entirety of Indian Ocean, it is now more than obvious that the trained & handsomely paid liars employed by the Indian state, the so called scientists are far from truth that the Earth Quakes of the magnitude of 2004 which triggered the devastating Tsunami won’t happen again in the near future. It is also clear that the site of the Kudankulam plant is very unsafe for such a conspicuous risk.

The Indian State headed by the Capitalist Hawks such as Manmohan Singh Inc. are nothing but pawns of the Imperialist interests of the big powers. They are invoking all the draconian laws and framing charges against the Peoples Movements all around the country from Anti -Posco movement to anti-Nuclear struggles. In the defence of the MNC’s and the India’s corporates they are unleashing a terror and invoking the laws and statutes of the Imperial times of the British Raj.

Udayakumar and scores of other protesters have come to symbolize all that is a just struggle today in this country, against the Nuclear Hawks who have put the safety of the people and the fragile environment in jeopardy.

Udayakumar, Pushparayan, Mukhilan, Satish and several others have been branded as terrorists and have been accused as perpetrators of Sedition against the Indian state. If that is the case, then we are all Udayakumars, Pushparayans, Mukhilans, Satishs and it is time to declare with one voice: No To Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, if that is considered SEDITIOUS, so be it.

This clearly shows that the Indian state has no regard for the just democratic aspirations of its people and deserves to be met with such overwhelming seditious act by the people. Nuclear energy is an unsafe option, the people have been warned umpteen times through minor and mega disasters, yet the so called specialists want to risk our lives for the sake of profits of a few. Only a democratic socialist change, which cares for people and not seek profits can ensure alternative, sustainable and safe energy solutions.


SP Udayakumar

Koodankulam: Idinthakarai turned into an open-air jail, govt playing divide-and-rule

Greetings! The daily relay fast has been happening here without interruption. Eleven of our comrades from Koodankulam have just been released on bail and each person has been asked to post 8 individual sureties holding properties worth more than Rs. 10,000. There are 30 more people in the Trichy prison, and 2 other friends, Muhilan and Satish facing the most serious charges. It is really strange that we are being treated like terrorists even by the courts. In fact, the Maoist groups in Orissa are able to get their comrades released from prisons by taking foreigners and state legislators as hostages. While we condemn this hostage-taking, we also wonder what kind of a message does the Indian State give to our youth. Nonviolent, peaceful fighters are being hounded and harassed, but violent fighters are granted their desires and wishes freely. Is this a good trend for our country?

Pushparayan, Jesuraj and I have been living in an open quarter-km-radius prison since March 19, 2012. Thousands of people sleep around our house at night in order to protect us from possible police action and mid-night arrest. Hundreds of youth protect us round the clock.

I have been suffering from haemorrhoids (piles) for the past four days and the Catholic sisters who run a small clinic here at Idinthakarai have given me the best medicines that they have. My American friends used to swear,”pain in the butt” when they had to deal with difficult people; now I know the meaning of this phrase. We all know “shit happens.” But now I also know what happens when shit does not happen regularly. Oh, my! (Incidentally, please allow me to share with you a one-act play that I wrote last year and published it in a book “Peace Plays” with Professor Johan Galtung and Dr. Vital Rajan. If you like to use it in any way, please get permission from the Publisher.

In fact, I have to see a doctor but I cannot leave this village as I would be arrested if I got out of here. All the “sedition’ and “waging war against the State” cases are still there and none of them has been withdrawn. My old parents and not-so-young wife call me every hour to suggest a new remedy for my predicament and the most recently-invented medication. I am in great pain and cannot sit down, or stand up. To tell you the truth, I cannot even cough. But I must evade the police, courts, prisons, and the related agonies of non violent public life. At least for the time being?!

There are credible newspaper reports that charge sheets are being prepared for all the 200 plus cases against us. The police are said to be dividing us all into two groups: masterminds and innocent people. Since we, the masterminds, “instigated” the innocent people to protest against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant, we are going to be booked under all the serious charges and the “ordinary citizens” would be let off. The Central Government is preparing to start a new organization called NCTC, National Counter-Terrorism Centre, similar to the American institution, Homeland Security. Some Chief Ministers in India oppose this NCTC as it infringes on the rights of the states as ‘law and order’ is a state issue. We do not know what is going to happen in May when all these people meet to decide on this undemocratic and anti-democratic initiative. I can only say, God Save India! And the whatever-little-democracy we have!

On April 9, 2012, a high-level delegation from the Communist Party of India (CPI) came to visit us at Idinthakarai under the leadership of the veteran leader Comrade R. Nallakannu. The CPI is still struggling with the problem of coming to a clear cut position on nuclear power. And another veteran Communist leader from the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), Comrade V.S. Achuthanandan, is scheduled to come here on April 12th. That party is also not very clear about the issue of nuclear power. But the fact that they are all coming to see us makes us a bit hopeful about achieving nuclear-free India.


S. P. Udayakumar