May Day 2011 (Bangalore)

The members of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) intervened in the May Day 2011 demonstrations in Bangalore with a two page leaflet in Kannada language. The leaflet was a satiric critic of the present state of affairs in India pointing that it is ultimately capitalism that is the most corrupt force on earth today & it is impossible to seperate captalism & corruption as both of them are two faces of the same coin. Only when the fight against corruption is combined with the fight against inequality, exploitation & oprression of the workers & the toiling masses to eliminate Capitalism/ landlordism is it possible to end corruption, Corruption is synonym with capitalism

It was a big day for workers, trade unions and many other pro labor organisations all over the country especially in the context of the recent developments in the Middle East & the awakening of the youth & the middle classes in India over the anti -corruption legislation.

The members NSA participated in several meetings held by various Trade Unions in different parts of Bangalore & also addressed a few of the meetings. Our May Day leaflets  were likewise distributed among workers & trade unionists all over the city.

In the afternoon, we addressed a  Meeting of Domestic workers, Construction workers and Unorganized and low paid workers who had come together demanding their rights and to provide minimum wages, equal pay for equal work, health benefits and other social securities.

In sum, it was an overwhelmingly active day for all our members in Bangalore branch, given the  little resources available and most of our student & youth comrades busy in their curriculams, we did our best to articulate through our leaflets, public speaking and of course  lung powered slogans stole the show.

We got around 5 contacts through our May Day intervention, a Domestic Worker militant has envinced interest in our ideas and would be meeting us very soon for further discussions.

One humorous aside was a Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) cadre who picked up our leaflet, wanted discussions on how we could call ourselves socialists when we are advocating democracy through our programme of Democratic Socialism!

Azhar Khan