Karnataka: BJP’s Count Down Has Begun

Though the crisis within the corruption ridden BJP state government is nothing new, the land de-notification scam involving hundreds of crores worth of land being distributed to kith and kin of none other than the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is of Pokhran proportions. It is definitely shameful on the part of the BJP (the party with a difference), which used to swear by the the name of discipline, patriotism and culture, has time & again proved that it is as corrupt (if not more) like the rest of the political parties in the country. It should instead call itself as the party that stands for chaos, nepotism, corruption, parochialism and of course not to forget its penchant for communalism.

The criticism of the BJP does in no way white wash the predecessors who were in charge of the administration in Karnataka, be it Dewe Gowda & sons Janata Dal (Secular) or the Congress, they are all nose deep in corruption. In fact it is the very same neo -liberal policies of these governments in the past that people of this state has time & again rejected them in election after election. Of course corruption is not merely a moral fall of the individual, but reflects underlying social & economic structures of the society especially in neo-colonial countries like India with co-existence of corporate forms of corruption with bureaucratic & petty bourgeois interests & the feudal power that still holds sway in the countryside.

It is only now that the entire rut is coming to open, thanks (though reluctantly) to the competing TV channels who have shown this “reality show” frame by frame to boost their own TRP rates. The issue of scams & corruption has rocked the state govt. ever since its inception from 2008, but in no way has this dented its appetite to loot the state resources.

As many as 3 ministers had to resign on charges of corruption & cases are still pending against many others including the infamous Reddy Brothers (BJP MLA’s & mine owners from the iron ore belt district of Bellary). The issue of corruption came to its head as recently as June of this year when the Lokayukta (ombudsman) chief Santosh Hegde resigned (but later retracted) over the inaction of the govt. against the mining owners of Bellary over alleged irregularities involving crores of rupees.

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa with the Reddy Brothers. Coutesy: the Hindu

But nothing can be compared to the drama that was enacted last month in the Karnataka assembly when the entire political system was brought to shame by the open use of money power by all the 3 parties to engineer defections from other parties to grab state power at any cost. The political opportunism of the so called representatives of the people especially the ‘resort politics’ (keeping legislators in luxury resorts in order to protect them (!) from being poached by rival groups) that was indulged by the rebel leaders, the oppositional parties & the BJP has clearly brought into question whether it is the law of democracy or law of the jungle that is prevailing in the state politics of Karnataka.

What is happening in Karnataka is not new and not restricted to only that state in India. In fact there is nothing to choose among the various players in the name of political parties who have mis-governed this country for the last 63 years. They have made a mockery of the parliamentary democratic model, the corruption is not just the huge amounts of money involved, but the corruption of principles, corruption of the faith that people repose in this system. Not a single structure on which the parliamentary democracy is built on is free from corruption, be it the executive, elected bodies , judiciary or the press and media not a single institution is free from the malaise of corruption. What do we do? How to fight back? How to reclaim democracy? What is to be done?

The ‘democracy of the damned’ is flourishing, CWG swindle & 2G spectrum scam at the centre, Adarsh Housing Society scandal in Maharashtra, and the series of scams in Karnataka, corruption is kicking in the most populous “democracy” of the world, kudos to the Indian breed of politicians they have made Asif Zardari, Imelda Marcos and scores of others internationally notorious for corruption look like a dwarfs. Time and again it is proved that there is a dire necessity to reclaim democracy and its institutions from these corrupt millionaire politicians to the millions of poor.

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