Justice for Kashmir

Civilians massacred

15 people lost their lives in the last month alone because they dared to express their opposition against a regime that has denied their basic rights. They were killed because the Indian state could not answer their genuine questions. Kashmir has lost thousands of its children in this struggle for basic rights.

Army in the Valley

India has amassed nearly 7 lakh soldiers in Kashmir since 1990. In the pretext of fighting terrorism, they have instilled terror in the hearts of Kashmiris in an attempt to silence them. Kashmiri’s have fallen victims to inhumane use of force. From fake encounters to custodial deaths, disappearances to rape, violations of human rights abound. There seems to be no security in the region with the highest density of security forces.

AFSPA is the Law

The Indian government has promulgated the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which gives the army unlimited powers. They can shoot to kill, arrest at will and invade the privacy of homes without warrant or showing reason. This has resulted in numerous cases of human rights abuses as there the army fears no law. In fact, in Kashmir the Army is the Law.

Fundamental Rights denied

India claims to be the largest democracy, but in Kashmir, Freedom and Democracy or words without meaning. The people cannot freely express their dissent, their protests and even funeral processions are fired upon by security forces. Though the Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens, the freedom to express, assemble and associate, Kashmiri’s, it seems can claim no such rights.

Five wars have been fought between India, Pakistan and China. Thousands have perished, lakhs displaced and the ‘Paradise on Earth’ has been left mutilated. But the voice of Kashmir has never been heard. There can be no resolution to this conflict, no end to this blood bath until the free will of Kashmiri’s is heard, recognized and accepted.

The Imperialist powers cannot provide a solution to the people of Kashmir. Only a united struggle by the working class of India, Pakistan and China along with the people of Kashmir to end capitalism, landlordism and totalitarianism can provide a just solution.

Let us form an united platform and struggle for

 The repeal of AFSPA and the end to Army deployment in North East and Kashmir

 The Withdrawal of all Army and paramilitary forces from these regions

 The independent investigation of all acts of security excesses, encounter killings and other human rights violations

 A just political solution on the foundations of the inalienable right of self determination of the people of Kashmir and North East

 Towards a confederation of socialist states of South Asia


CWI – India, newsocialist@dataone.in