Injustice, 100% reserved for Daliths

Kambapalli Massacre

Savarna Courts Go Blind

Kambalapalli Dalith Carnage Victims & Survivors, 14 years wait for Justice goes in Vain

After 14 years long wait, the denial of justice to Kambalapalli Dalith Carnage Victims & Survivors, is not only highly condemnable as a blatant Casteist verdict, but should be seen as an attack on the Human Rights discourse in this country.

The infamous adage which declares that In India ‘The Goddess of Justice is Born Blind’ is proved beyond any doubt by the way the Savarna courts have responded to the Kambalapalli Killings in March 2000, when 7 Daliths were burnt alive by the upper caste landlords to avenge the “crime” of Daliths who had lodged complaints with the State Police against perennial harassment they were facing. The insidious acquittal of all the “accused” 32 mass murderers, holds a mirror to the functioning of this country’s Establishment, the Executive and the so-called “Judiciary”.

Consecutively, all the three “honourable” courts that went “deep” into the case for so long, the Sessions Court, the Additional Court and recently the High Court of Karnataka gave blatantly unjust Verdicts for a case that had shaken the conscience of the entire country at the beginning of this millennium. The very mundane reason of Eyewitnesses turning hostile, and hence the exoneration is something that speaks volumes about the state of affairs in this so called largest democracy of the world.

Should we understand, that the ghastly, demonic act of mass murder did not happen at all 14 years ago at Kambalapalli? That 7 Human beings; Daliths were not burnt alive? Should we understand that just because the eyewitnesses changed their witness statements, the justice has been served to the Victims? Should the Daliths, come to the conclusion that this is the kind and quality of Justice that they can get in this country? Is Injustice 100% reserved for Daliths?

In the year 2000, presently the MP, Mallikarjuna Kharge, a Dalith himself was the then Home Minister of Karnataka, and the then leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, Sonia Gandhi, visited the spot and assured the family of the victims that justice will be done. What is the response of the present Govt. of Karnataka led by their own Congress Party, what value would they accord to those assurances promised by their leadership?

Kambapalli MassacreJustice – A Misnomer
The NDA’s constituent,  Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) which is holding power at the centre, which parades Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s photo for narrow political gains, but is insidious in its attitudes towards the Dalith and the downtrodden, is behaving as if the the unjust court verdict on Kambalapalli Massacres is of no consequence, this demonstrates the deep-rooted racist-Savarna cruelty within the hearts and minds of the BJP.

Neither BJP, Congress nor the Janatha Dal or any other party of the establishment,  however much they shed their crocodile tears and herald their time serving “concerns” for Daliths, the Kambalapalli Carnage and the “Justice” dispensation that has come from the State’s High Court, emphatically speaks about the vested interests of Upper Castes and Rich classes nexus that rules these parties.

‘Social Justice’ in this country is a misnomer when the State is in hand-in-glove with the ‘Hindu Cleric-hood’. All the pillars of Bourgeois Superstructure; Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary are brazenly working for the perpetuation of the system of Landlords and Capitalism. When courts unabashedly serve the Upper Castes and Upper Classes and their vested interests, expecting “justice” for Daliths and Downtrodden is foolhardiness.

It is high-time that the Dalith – Oppressed – Minorities & the Marginalised castes, classes and communities get organised under a wide democratic Struggle front to demand & get real time justice, and seek political power to chart our future.

Vishwanath S 

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)


Watch Vishwanth, the author of this article, speak on the issue in Kannada at a recent protest in Bangalore