Communist but Corrupt, Murderer yet “Marxist”

The following article appeared in the Nov-Dec 2012 English supplement of Dudiyora Horaata (Workers’ Struggle). The article was written jointly by Arun Kaliraja (May 17 Movement) and Jagadish G Chandra (New Socialist Alternative CWI-India)

July 5th dawned as just an other day for Palanisamy, orga nizer of the Hosur wing of Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (PDK), an active cadre of the PDK who has worked hard to create awareness among the local pub-lic about the ideas of the social reformer E.V.Ramasamy also fondly called as Periyar in Tamil Nadu.

He went to work in his fields with his son when a group of 20 goons fired shots at him. He was chased and was hacked to death. The group also beheaded him and left his body on the fields. More shocking news is that murder was orchestrated by MLA of Thali constituency, Ramachandran who hails from the Communist Party of India (CPI). Case was filed against 22 people including Ramachandran and his brother. Following this Ramachandran went underground and eluded the arrest for 3 weeks.

Meanwhile a former CPI party member Nagaraja Reddy was attacked near Thali on 16th of July and survived with fatal wounds. He went into coma and when he gained consciousness he accused Ramachandran for this incident. Ramachandran applied for a anticipatory bail which was rejected by Chennai high court. Protests were organized by PDK and other organizations demanding the immediate arrest of Ramachandran, following which he was arrested on 30th of July. After this murder the atrocities of Ramachandran in that district has come to public light. He has practically run his own raj in Thali. No other party, including the major parties DMK and AIADMK are allowed to file nominations in the local body elections in his constituency.

Defying this unwritten rule Comrades from the PDK filed nominations for the elections. They were brutally attacked by goons headed by Ramachandran himself. The police filed case but left Ramachandran’s name from the charge sheet. Several political murders have happened in the district which has been left unheard. Ramachandran is also running a real estate business, and is alleged to be illegally encroaching the lands of the locals.

But still Ramachandran is darling to his party. The CPI party responded to murder by saying “Palanisamy is no Gandhi to be worried about” and tried to defame him through false allegations. The leaders of the Communist party have kept mum on the allegations against Ramachandran. In a recent interview to Tamil Weekly Aananda Vikadan, dated 10.10.2012, Tha.Pandian, a Leader of Communist party of India defended Ramachandran.

In the same interview Tha.Pandian said “We carry out struggles only when we have a reason to. We have not reason now to struggle against the present government”. A leader who finds no reason to fight against the government which in a spree in implementing the neo-liberal agendas is the state of Communist party of India.

It is worth noticing here that both the CPI and CPI(M) have not stood in support of the people who are protesting the Kudankulam nuclear plant. While the former say that huge amount of money is invested as the reason the latter claims that Russian reactors are safe and only American reactors are not! Tha.Pandian even went to the extent saying that if the people of Kudankulam did not want the nuclear plant they can move out of the villages and settle elsewhere in Tamil Nadu and let the nuclear plant function.

In Bangalore too comrades of the New Socialist Alternative have been time and again abused and attacked by both CPI(M) and CPI in rallies and protest when our members were either distributing leaflets or selling ‘Dudiyora Horaata’ to the workers. Recently at the May day rally of the CPI/AITUC our comrades were stopped from distributing the May day leaflets which called for the unity of the workers and strengthening the socialist alternative to capitalism.

The CPI(M) and CPI leadership have historically gone against any dialogue or debate about their policies and programme. They use the party cadres and workers in general as nothing but canon fodder to further their class collaborationist manoeuvres with bourgeois parties. It is no secret that both the communist parties have largely moved away from the ideas of October, Bolshevism & Socialism. By their own statements such as of Buddadev Bhattacharya, Sitaram Yechuri, who have gone on record to say that “There is no alternative to Capitalism”, they stand completely exposed in the eyes of the workers who are seeking a way out from this rotten Capitalist and Landlord system.

Neither CPI nor CPI(M) can challenge the bourgeois system in this country, as their perspective is of a “progressive capitalist secular democracy”. Given the rapacious, communal and casteist nature of the Indian capitalist class this is nothing but a chimera of imagination.

The task of the new radical youth gathering around organisations such as New Socialist Alternative and May 17 movement is reach out to those who are searching and seeking a genuine alternative to the present nightmare of capitalism.

Arun Kali (May 17 movement) & Jagadish G Chandra (New Socialist Alternative CWI-India)